Women's Services - Esplanade

1665 Esplanade
Chico, 95926

Women's Services - 1405 Magnolia

1405 Magnolia Avenue, Suite A
Chico, 95926

Women's Services & Antepartum Testing Center - 1423 Magnolia

1423 Magnolia Ave.
Chico, CA 95926

Enloe Women's Services

Enloe Medical Center is committed to providing personalized, comprehensive care for women through all stages of life. Our caregivers provide services at three offices in Chico, Calif.,:

  • Women's Services – Esplanade | 1665 Esplanade | (530) 332-5070
  • Women's Services – South | 1405 Magnolia Ave., Suite A | (530) 332-5080
  • Women's Services – North | 1423 Magnolia Ave. | (530) 332-5010

We offer:

  • Midwifery services
  • Care for early adolescence, birth control, counseling against sexually transmitted infections, including HPV vaccinations
  • Assistance with menstrual disorders, bleeding problems, hormone imbalance and premenstrual syndrome
  • The management of fertility problems
  • Guidance into menopause and its associated issues
  • Care for bladder control problems, the dropping of female pelvic organs and accidental bowel leakage, as well as the management of overactive bladder, recurrent urinary tract infections and painful bladder syndrome — conditions that used to require North State residents to travel to the Sacramento area for treatment
  • Anti-partum testing, such as non-stress tests and ultrasound
  • A Sweet Success program for pregnant women with gestational diabetes. Under the guidance of a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, this program provides information on understanding diabetes during pregnancy, meal planning, blood sugar and home glucose monitoring training, self-care skills for success and post-partum follow-up. For information, call (530) 332-6804.
  • And many other issues

Let Us Be Your Partner

The Enloe Women's Services team aims to become your partner in an environment that empowers each woman to gain knowledge about her health and available care options. Meet our team.

Additional Services for Women

Working with local physicians, Enloe also helps women through our:

These community resources can also help women and their families:

Want More Information?

Visit our Health eLibrary for articles, quizzes, assessments and more on women's health. Find information on topics for all stages, from adolescence through pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause.

Or visit the library's Pregnancy & Newborns Health Center section for information and tools, including a due date calculator, information about each trimester, common changes during pregnancy, postpartum depression assessment and more.

Watch Our Video

Mark Garrison, D.O., was able to make it possible for a patient in pain to have her scheduled procedure on Enloe’s busiest day: the day the Camp Fire broke out. Watch this video to see how robotic-assisted surgery helped his patient and see how she’s doing today.

Enloe Women's Services

1665 Esplanade  |  (530) 332-5070  |  Contact Us Online  |  Map
1405 Magnolia Ave., Suite A  |  (530) 332-5080  |  Contact Us Online  |  Map
1423 Magnolia Ave.  |  (530) 332-5010  |  Contact Us Online  |  Map


  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

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