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Enloe Outpatient Therapy Services' Specialty Programs

The therapists at Enloe's Outpatient Therapy Services offer a range of specialties and can help rehabilitate people who are experiencing a variety of conditions, injuries or illnesses.

Aquatic Therapy 

Aquatic therapy gives you an opportunity to exercise and walk without bearing your full weight, which can make movement less painful.  The buoyancy of the water makes exercise easier on joints, while the viscosity of the water creates multiple levels of resistance.

Aquatic therapy is beneficial for anyone who requires limited weight-bearing, joint protection (such as those who suffer with arthritis, osteoporosis, and/or lower back pain), or rehabilitation with an emphasis on cardiovascular and strength conditioning. Those who have had surgery,  low back dysfunction, neurological conditions (including spinal cord injuries,  Parkinson’s, ALS, multiple sclerosis, stroke, or polio), or multiple injuries may also benefit from Aquatic Therapy.

Balance/Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation is a hands-on and exercise-based program, designed by a specialized physical therapist, to improve balance and reduce dizziness-related problems.

Patients who are typically referred for vestibular rehabilitation therapy are those diagnosed with dizziness, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), neck-related dizziness and migraines / severe headache. Other candidates are patients who have had a stroke or brain injury or who frequently fall.  

At your appointment, a physical therapist will evaluate your symptoms and review your medical history. He or she will identify any problems with your balance, your gait (how you walk), neck motion, visual stability, as well as examine your fall risk and other potential problem areas. Our clinicians use specialized diagnostic equipment, including BalanceMaster and RealEyes infrared goggles, to make an accurate diagnosis. Based on the findings, a plan of care is developed.

The goal of your treatment plan is to improve any deficits that were identified. This, in turn, will improve your ability to function in activities of everyday living, reduce your risk for falling, and ultimately, improve your quality of life.

Cranio-sacral Therapy

Cranio-sacral therapy (CST) is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on technique used to support the central nervous system, allowing the body to self- correct and heal. A light touch is used to monitor the cranio-sacral rhythm system to detect and release restriction helping to alleviate pain and dysfunction.

Geriatric Therapy

Enloe Outpatient Therapy Services brings the highest standards of clinical practice to geriatric physical therapy as supported by research and education.

We have Certified Exercise Experts for Aging Adults (CEEAA®), who have taken special training to focus on improving quality of life throughout the lifespan by following principles of health promotion, prevention of disease, and appropriate rehabilitation intervention. Our therapists provide fall assessment and risk reduction assessments to help keep you safe.  They are also experts in caregiver training.

Hand Therapy

Hand and arm therapy can help to decrease pain while also increasing coordination skills, strength, range of motion and functional use of your arm to complete daily activities.

The therapists at Enloe Outpatient Therapy Services work with a variety of diagnoses including fractures, repetitive injuries, nerve injuries, neurological deficits and post -surgical needs.

Our therapists are trained in the fabrication of custom orthoses. These externally applied devices are designed and fitted to the body to help assist in a number of ways, such as assisting with rehabilitation, reducing pain, increasing independence, protecting or supporting an injury, or controlling alignment.

Home exercise programs are developed to tailor each patient’s upper extremity needs. In addition, we have therapists who are Saebo-trained and can provide fitting and training of dynamic orthotics for those individuals with limited hand, elbow or shoulder function.

Joint Replacement Therapy

Enloe Outpatient Therapy services play a critical role in joint replacement therapy along every stage of your joint replacement journey.

Before surgery: Patients often attend a preoperative education class to learn about their joint replacement. During this class, patients are taught what to expect during their hospital stay, how to prepare their home for their return, what their family members should expect, and what to do before their surgery. Patients also learn the critical role that exercise plays in successful recovery. Each patient receives a guidebook that includes a set of exercises in addition to information that helps prepare for surgery and recovery. 

Following surgery: Patients work with a physical therapist in the hospital to begin strengthening and mobility exercises. Depending on the type of surgery and the patient’s condition and support structure, a patient may either begin outpatient therapy a few days after discharge, or if necessary, start home health therapy. Each of our therapists is highly trained in specific joint replacement exercises and manual interventions. Enloe’s therapists work with one patient at a time, ensuring that patients will have their therapist’s full attention throughout treatment. We have found this approach to be the most effective in helping patients quickly and safely progress toward functional goals and helping patients return to an active lifestyle.

Men’s Health

Enloe’s Outpatient Therapy Services has a comprehensive treatment program for men who are suffering from incontinence and pelvic pain. Our physical therapists have obtained specialized education to specifically provide treatment to men with pelvic floor dysfunction. Through education, manual therapy and exercise, we assist men in learning how to decrease and manage their symptoms. Our goal is to improve your function and decrease your pain, guiding you on your personal path to improved health and wellness.


Enloe Outpatient Therapy services offers a comprehensive outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy program for patients with neurological conditions.

Our program helps individual with neurological deficits progress toward a more independent lifestyle. We have therapists who specialize in neurological care, and they work to implement current treatment approaches using evidence-based practice. We address a wide range of individual needs: from those who require assistance throughout the day to those who are ready to return to work. Family members and caregivers are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions in order to carry over newly learned skills at home.

Neurological Conditions & Disease We Treat

Enloe Outpatient Therapy serves adults diagnosed with neurological diseases or conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • ALS

Orthopedic Rehabilitation & Manual Therapy

Orthopedic rehabilitation encompasses a wide range of techniques and exercises to treat a variety of  injuries and problems involving the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and peripheral nerves. In physical therapy we work with you to resolve your pain, limited motion, weakness, and loss of function thru specific hands on techniques, individualized exercises and education. We treat a wide variety of conditions and emphasis the importance of not just treating the injured site, but looking at the biomechanics of the whole person to address any contributing factors that may have led to the injury.   

Manual therapy goes well beyond a basic massage. It is a specific type of physical therapy in which sophisticated hands-on techniques are used by your therapist to mobilize joints, release soft tissue restrictions, inhibit over-used muscles, and facilitate proper movement patterns. This is an active process for both the therapist and the patient, and it has been shown, in well-documented research, to lead to faster healing times. Our staff is trained in a wide range of manual therapy interventions. We have four Certified Functional Manual Therapists (CFMT) on staff, and our clinicians regularly take continuing education classes to stay current on the latest techniques.

Pediatric Therapy

We know how much you love your children and we will offer them the best care possible. Our therapists bring an upbeat, positive attitude to motivate the pediatric population.

Physical therapists offer treatment for many conditions, including neurological issues and orthopedic injuries related to sport or play. We also treat infants with torticollis (neck tightness) and other birth-related issues.  

The occupational therapists offer a variety of pediatric services as well. These include sensory integration, fine motor control, hand strength, classroom skills, writing and helping your child to reach their developmental goals.

Pre- and Post-Operative Therapy

Physical therapy may be indicated prior to surgery to maximize joint motion and overall strength and endurance that will assist you in a more speedy recovery post-operatively.

Some of the more common post-surgical diagnosis treated in our clinic are total knee replacement, total hip replacement, rotator cuff repair, ACL repair, meniscus repair, trauma and open reduction internal fixation (ORIF), ankle surgeries, and spinal surgery.

Post-operatively, you will be seen by your therapist as soon as it is prescribed by your physician. Initial treatment goals will be to minimize the adverse effects of the surgery such as pain and swelling which will allow range of motion to return as soon as possible. Your therapist will then also address other mechanical issues that may be limiting range of motion and function like scar mobility and looking at joint mobility above and below the surgical site to facilitate efficient mobility.  Finally, your therapist will make sure that your balance, gait, and coordination are maximized to help meet your functional goals.

Spine Care

Back and neck pain are among the most common types of pain for adults. The majority of acute episodes of back or neck pain will resolve quickly and without persistent disability. However, back and neck pain can recur frequently and become persistent. Physical therapy has proved to be an effective noninvasive option for management of acute spinal disorders and prevention of recurrence of spinal disorders .Enloe Outpatient  Therapy services include a comprehensive evaluation, assessment of functional ability, and individualized treatment sessions designed to offer multiple therapeutic options.

Our therapist are familiar with wide range of spinal disorders and frequently treat:

  • Acute or chronic back or neck pain
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated disc (Ruptured disc)
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Sacral dysfunctions (SI joint)
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis

Our staff is trained in a diverse number of treatment approaches. Each rehabilitation plan is tailored to the patient's specific diagnosis, needs and goals. All treatment sessions are provided in a one-on-one setting and may consist of:

  • Aquatic physical therapy
  • Core stabilization exercises
  • Correction of body mechanics
  • Development of a home exercise program
  • Joint mobilization/manipulation
  • Postural correction
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Stretching/flexibility exercises
  • Traction

Sport Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

At Enloe Outpatient Therapy Services, we understand athletes. During competition, training or fitness pursuits, you don’t want to be slowed down or sidelined with an injury. No matter your game, skill level or condition, we know you desire to perform your best and have the skilled therapists on staff to get you back in action. We recognize that each athlete has unique situations, needs and goals. Our sports rehabilitation program is designed to help treat a variety of athletic injuries such as:

  • ACL repairs
  • Ankle sprains
  • Low back and neck injuries
  • Meniscus tears
  • Overuse tendonitis
  • Shoulder strains

Our licensed physical therapists deliver their individualized treatment plans with one-on-one attention to ensure your goals are achieved quickly and safely.  Whether you are a professional, recreational or scholastic athlete, our approach to sports rehabilitation services is simple: personalized care with exceptional outcomes. 

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy offered by the occupational therapists at Enloe Outpatient Therapy includes visual perceptual skills, scanning abilities, visual pursuits and directed visual search with divided attention for increased independence with functional daily activities.

Women’s Health

Women’s Health Physical Therapy addresses the unique musculoskeletal problems of the pelvic region that can have a significant impact on a woman’s quality of life.  Enloe Physical Therapy strives to provide comprehensive therapy services to women of all ages. Our professional and caring staff have specialized training to meet the unique needs of women across the lifespan. Our goal is to improve your function and decrease your pain, guiding you on your personal path to improved health and wellness.

  • Coccygeal pain
  • Incontinence
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Pregnancy-related issues
  • Women’s Health Conditions

Workers Compensation

Enloe Outpatient Therapy Services focuses on helping injured workers return to work quickly and safely.  We equip workers with strategies to avoid re-injury and to work safely, productively and positively for the remainder of their career. We treat a variety of patients recovering from a work-related injury such as back injury, repetitive motion disorders, and upper and lower extremity problems. Our program is designed to promote a safe return to work through incremental increases in duration and intensity of physical activity, work simulation and educational sessions.

  • Injury-specific therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and/or aquatics
  • Individualized work simulation
  • Patient education on ergonomics and injury prevention strategies

Enloe Outpatient Therapy Services

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    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

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    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

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