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couple sitting downCare-Line

A Note for Subscribers

We are pleased to announce that Enloe Medical Center has transitioned Care-Line to VRI, our valued business partner that has been monitoring your service.

Your device will remain unchanged, and the friendly staff from the VRI Care Center you are accustomed to speaking with will continue to answer whenever you press your button. Additionally, your rates will not change. However, starting now:

  • All service requests can be made directly to VRI by calling 1-800-860-4230.
  • Your invoices will come from VRI. If you currently pay using a credit card, please establish payment by calling VRI at 1-800-860-4230.

grandfather with child in gardenWhat Is Care-Line?

Care-Line allows you to signal for help with the press of a button. You can wear this special button on your wrist or around your neck for easy access in case something prevents you from getting to the phone.

Pressing the button puts you in touch with a caring response center staff member, who will contact those needed, whether that’s loved ones, paramedics, firefighters or the police. Help is available 24/7 throughout the year.

Please note the Care-Line personal button works in or directly around members' homes, within a 200- to 300-foot range. 



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