Patient's Role

As The Patient, You Are the Most Important Member of Your Health Care Team.

  • Let us know how you are doing.
  • Tell us if we can provide better care.
  • Ask questions about anything you do not understand.
  • Share any concerns with a member of your care team or our Patient Experience Manager at (530) 332-7005.

You Are Part of Our Team

As a Joint Commission accredited organization, we are committed to providing quality care, and your safety is our first priority. Everyone here is a safety inspector including patients, family and friends. Your input is important. In fact, research shows that patients who take part in their health care decisions have better outcomes. Everyone involved in your care has a role, including you. Here are ways you can help:

Understand Your Care

  • Know which treatment or procedure will be done.
  • Make sure you know exactly what will be happening to you.
  • Before your procedure date, discuss questions with your doctor.
  • Be aware of any risks or complications.
  • Know how long the treatment or procedure will last.
  • Know what to expect after it’s over, such as your expected recovery time and whether you will need a ride home.
  • Learn about your diagnosis, medical tests and treatment plan.
  • Check with your physician and the nursing staff, the public library and Cancer Center Library, and respected Web sites, including Enloe's Health Links Web page.
  • If you do not understand, keep asking questions until you do.

Bring Help

  • Consider having a trusted friend or family member accompany you.
  • This person will be your advocate and “second set of eyes.”
  • Ask this person to pay attention to the care you are receiving.
  • Your advocate should also speak up if something does not seem right.
  • This person should be aware of your wishes about resuscitation and life support.

Speak Up If...

  • You do not understand your doctor or nurse.
  • Something seems wrong. We will appreciate this.
  • Health care workers do not to introduce themselves. This can prevent errors.
  • Anything concerns you.

Check For ID Badges

  • Everyone on staff at Enloe must wear an ID badge. If someone does not, ask for the supervisor to verify that this person should be caring for you.

Know that Staff Will Verify Your Identity, Too

  • Staff should check that you are the correct patient
  • Everyone on your health care team will verify your identity. This is a safety check.
  • If you are having surgery, they should also ask you the name and location of the procedure. This is also a safety check.
  • If you are having surgery, you and your physician will mark the site of your surgery with your surgeon’s initials.

Expect Everyone to Wash Their Hands

  • Anyone touching you, whether caregiver or visitor, should cleanse their hands first. Hand washing is the most important thing we can do to stop the spread of infection.
  • It only takes a few simple words to encourage this healthy habit: “Excuse me, did you clean your hands?? or “I saw that you cleaned your hands. Thank you!”

No Smoking

For the health of our patients and staff, smoking is not permitted inside the hospital or within 25 feet of any of our entrances. There is no smoking area available to patients at the hospital. If you need support, please ask your doctor about nicotine replacement during your stay with us.


  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

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