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Enloe Medical Center’s Volunteer Services is the department that accepts community donations of in-kind gifts or activity kits.

Activity Kits

Patients and visitors sometimes find themselves waiting for periods of time with little to occupy them. A simple-to-do, ready-to-go activity or craft can brighten someone’s day, provide a welcome diversion and help promote a healing environment.

Additionally, the fine motor skills needed for these activities can provide an added benefit for patients. These activities can be a great project for groups or families to work on together.

Download an Activity Kit Guide for yourself, your group or your family.

Donation of Items For Public/Patient Use

We appreciate your goodwill in wanting to share handmade and donated items with the hospital for the enjoyment and comfort of our patients and visitors. Enloe Medical Center has established guidelines for donated goods to ensure the safety of our patients.

Community members are encouraged to contact Volunteer Services at 530-332-4575 prior to donation of items to ensure the items are a good fit and meet the established guidelines. The Community Donation of Goods form must accompany donated items.


The following are guidelines on items that Enloe Medical Center may or may not be able to accept for donation.

Handmade Items

To help keep our community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Enloe Medical Center is currently not accepting baby caps, baby booties and knit blankets. We thank you for your understanding.

Handmade items, such as knit blankets and sewn fabric toys, must be free from pet hair, strong perfumes, cigarette smoke or any other odors that might violate infection control policies. Community members are encouraged to contact Volunteer Services for any specific shape, color or size of items being made prior to their creation.

New & Used Items

  • Due to infection control guidelines, all items for patient use must be new and in the original airtight packaging.
  • Used items of any kind will not be accepted for patient use.
  • Used book and magazines may be accepted for waiting room use. Title, date and content of donated publications will be reviewed for suitability.
  • Due to safety regulations, we will not accept any items that are gift-wrapped.
  • Donations must be politically and religiously neutral.
  • We do not accept toys that depict violence in any way. No guns, swords, “action” or fighting figures will be accepted.

Goods that have been donated for public use are distributed by Enloe Medical Center through Volunteer Services directly to patients and visitors. Items not meeting criteria or those that are not suitable or desirable for distribution will be redirected to another worthy charity.

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