Nurse giving a man a COVID shotGenerosity at Work

Your generosity helps improve critical medical services at Enloe Medical Center, a proud nonprofit hospital, enhancing the health of our community.

Here are just a few examples of your generosity at work.

Fighting Cancer

Doctors looking at MRIsGifts to the Enloe Regional Cancer Center have allowed the Enloe Foundation to grant $500,000 toward the purchase of a MRIdian ViewRay Linear Accelerator — the most advanced tool in radiation oncology treatment.

The tool combines MRI, the best type of medical imaging available, with a linear accelerator, the tool used to deliver radiation therapy to the body. Fewer than 20 MRIdian Linear Accelerators are in use in the United States.

In addition, your gifts supported the purchase of a $25,000 prone breast cancer device to allow for fewer treatments and better outcomes.

Providing Safe Transport

FlightCare ventilators In 2020, Enloe forged ahead with needed enhancements while rising to meet the new challenges of COVID-19.

For FlightCare, this meant purchasing new ventilators to safely transport patients with the disease.

With your help, the Enloe Foundation contributed $68,328 for these improvements.

Caring for Babies

Enloe's Nettleton Mother & Baby Care CenterMother and baby care are top priorities at Enloe. To help infants and preemie babies bond with their mothers, the Enloe Foundation contributed $7,890 for the purchase of phototherapy blankets.

These sleep swaddles are equipped with a special light to treat jaundice.

Before this, infants who needed light therapy had to lay separate from their mothers, interrupting precious sleep and bonding time.

COVID Testing

Check presentation Enloe’s Clinical Laboratory serves patients at the medical center and those referred by community doctors.

The pandemic brought a big demand for COVID-19 testing for hospital patients. This required another containment hood to protect caregivers and special testing modules.

Thanks to you, the Enloe Foundation was able to grant $64,550 to the Clinical Lab to purchase the needed supplies.

Caring for Hearts

Member of Enloe's Heart teamThe Starmer Cardiovascular Care Center inside Enloe Medical Center has taken shape. The center doubled Enloe’s capacity for heart care. It includes:

  • 4 fully equipped procedure rooms and new imaging equipment
  • 10 bays dedicated to patient care before and after a procedure
  • A new diagnostic treatment area
  • A spacious dedicated family lounge
  • A private meeting room for physicians and patients’ families

Other Successes

Over the years, the Enloe Foundation has reached several other fundraising milestones to help:

  • Purchase a new FlightCare helicopter; thank you to the 1,900 households and businesses that helped us raise more than $1.19 million to help pay for Enloe FlightCare’s new EC130 T2 helicopter
  • Complete the Century Project; thank you to everyone who assisted in raising $10 million for this important hospital expansion program

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