Foundation Board of Directors

The Enloe Foundation is governed by dedicated community members who volunteer their time and service, reaching out to our community, sharing the story of Enloe Medical Center, and helping create connections between potential donors and the medical center programs that benefit from their support.

2022 Board Members

  • Judy Sitton (Chair)
  • Jim Stevens (Vice Chair)
  • Christie Chrysler (Secretary)
  • Denise Adams
  • Tom Hughes
  • Mark Kimmelshue
  • Melisse Larrabee
  • Tom Martin
  • Mary McGowan Anderson
  • Susan R. Minasian
  • James Moore, M.D.
  • Paul L. Moore, Ph.D.
  • Jennifer Parrish, M.D.
  • Nicole Plottel, CELA
  • Devin Potter
  • Audrey Tennis
  • Jolene Francis, FAHP, CFRE
  • Donna Larson, RN, MSN
  • Mike Wiltermood
  • Kevin Woodward