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Man listening to podcastEnloe is getting real about wellness in its podcast, Health Matters!

Host Suzie Lawry-Hall talks with community members who are taking steps to improve their health as she breaks down complex health topics with Enloe caregivers.

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Episode 21: Understanding Your Benefits, Part 1

Suzie explores an aspect of health care that often puzzles folks: their benefits. Learn what your benefits are exactly, how to know if you’re signing up for the plan you need to access the right health care for your family, why it’s important to make those decisions before you actually need care, and more. Lisa Stark, Enloe’s Senior Director of Patient Financial Services, will share valuable insight in this two-part series. Hear from Lisa.

Episode 20: Losing a Baby

Suzie sits down with Katy Herman, a mom who gave birth to a stillborn baby boy last year. The experience changed her family forever and made them part of a group we don’t often hear about: families who have lost babies due to a miscarriage or stillbirth. It’s a tragic reality — and one that affects about 1 in every 160 births, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Katy and her husband, Brian, share their experience to help families heal.

Erin Parisio, a nurse in Enloe’s Labor & Delivery department who helps families through these heart-breaking situations, joins the discussion. They’ll go over loss, reasons these outcomes occur, resources families can turn to and more. Listen to Wesley’s story.

Episode 19: Diving into Dementia

Suzie explores dementia. She sits down with Olivia, whose aging mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease — a condition that affects 6 million Americans, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. They go over the condition and how it’s impacted the family.

Neurology specialist Paramjit Singh, M.D., and social worker Brid Power join the discussion to share who’s at risk of the disease, signs of dementia, how to seek care and find resources, and more. Listen to Olivia’s story.

Episode 18: Eat, Sleep & Console

Suzie explores a new way Enloe is caring for substance-exposed newborns. Our Nettleton Mother & Baby Care Center team is incorporating a model called Eat, Sleep & Console to help babies work through withdrawal from substance exposure during pregnancy.

With the North State not being immune to the nation’s opioid epidemic, this method of care is having a big impact on families in our community. Julie Maurer, a Nurse Practitioner in Enloe’s Couplet Care department, and Jake Miller, Enloe’s Substance Use Navigator, join in to provide insight. Listen to this powerful episode.

Episode 17: Thriving After Bariatric Surgery

Suzie explores the struggle weight loss can be, both physically and mentally, and how one woman overcame it. Chico resident Julie Marquez shares her inspiring story and how she lost 110 pounds after having bariatric surgery.

Deron Ludwig, M.D., the Director of Enloe’s Bariatric Program, joins them. They’ll go over the challenges of losing weight, when medical assistance is necessary and more. Hear Julie’s story.

Episode 16: Organ Donation Helps Mom Heal

Suzie dives into organ donation, a life-saving practice that can help grieving families heal. Danielle Coleman knows this firsthand. She lost two sons unexpectedly and chose to donate their organs, bringing light to two very dark moments in her life. Hear her powerful story.

Cindy Llewellyn, Director of Enloe’s Critical Care and Emergency Services, and Lori Singh, Donation Program Consultant of Donor Network West, join them to go over the importance of organ donation, who can donate, what the experience is like, and more in honor of National Donate Life Month. Hear Danielle’s story.

Episode 15: Trusting Her Gut: A Colorectal Cancer Survivor’s Story

Suzie discusses colorectal cancer, the third-most diagnosed cancer in both men and women that affects about 1 in 23 men and 1 in 25 women. Rebecca Henderson, a 46-year-old mother of two, never expected to be diagnosed with the condition, but in a matter of weeks her life changed forever. Hear her powerful story and how the cancer survivor is doing today.

Wissam Halabi, M.D., a colorectal surgeon, joins them to discuss the symptoms of colorectal cancer, who’s at risk, treatment and more in honor of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Listen to Rebecca’s story.

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