Published on March 18, 2022

Tips for Relieving Nausea

Handy ways to get rid of that lingering discomfort

No one likes experiencing Nausea! Listen to Enloe Registered Nurse Taylor Roosa as she shares some tips and tricks that you can do at home to help relive that discomfort:

"Here are some tips or tricks that I have picked up during my time in nursing that I have utilized from time to time. Chewing on ice cubes or taking small sips of water might help to ease that distress. Also, taking walks or movement may help to increase the movement in your belly, then decrease nausea.

"Eating small meals - crackers, something kind of plain - might decrease that nausea as well as taking an alcohol swab and sniffing it.

"Other natural remedies include ginger - eating, smelling, drinking, anything with ginger in it - will help to reduce that nausea. In addition to that, chewing peppermint gum, sniffing aromatherapy that has peppermint in it, something like that will help to kind of decrease that nausea."