Published on May 07, 2021

Self-Sooth in Five Steps

Some tips to help you be kind to yourself during stressful times

Self-soothing is being kind to yourself during times of stress. One way to do that is by doing activities that you find enjoyable and that engage your five senses.

For example, for sight, you can look at a pretty piece of art, some photographs of people and places that you love, you can go take a walk outside and just notice all the trees and the flowers you see along the way.

For sound, I really recommend making like a playlist for specifically when you're stressed out, and that way you can play it and include songs that you know will uplift your mood.

These are just some examples of activities you can do to kind of help calm you down and reduce your stress. Remember the point is just to be kind to yourself and to take a proactive approach to bring yourself into a state of calm and well-being.