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Patient & Family Advisory Council

Bringing Voices to Health Care

Listening to patients and their families is at the heart of Enloe’s mission to provide patient-centered care. That’s why we created the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).

PFAC’s Goals

The goals of PFAC are to:

  • Enhance communication between patients, family members and Enloe caregivers
  • Empower patients and family members to be active participants in their health care
  • Identify and address patient and family needs in all aspects of the health care journey (physical, mental and spiritual)

Together, we can design programs and services that meet the needs of our patients and their families. We will show respect for our patients’ diverse knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

Making a Difference

As a member of PFAC, you will:

  • Help Enloe’s caregivers better understand issues from “the other side of the bed”
  • Take part in creating services and programs that personalize and humanize health care
  • Expand your own understanding of the health care system and how it works, so you can better navigate it
  • Become an advocate for health services for family, friends and others in the community


If you are appointed to PFAC:

  • You are to attend monthly PFAC meetings and other special meetings as needed.
  • You should arrive to meetings prepared for discussion and ready to collaborate with others.
  • You will review documents and work on program evaluations.
  • You will serve as an advisory resource to Enloe administration and staff.
  • You will help plan and implement PFAC initiatives.
  • You are to act as a goodwill ambassador for Enloe in the community.
  • Represent Enloe’s mission, goals, and core values in all that you do.

Get Involved


The PFAC is made up of at least 12 patients and/or family members and Enloe caregivers. To be considered, you must be a former or current patient at Enloe, or a family member of a former or current patient at Enloe. You must be living in an Enloe service area.

View the Patient and Family Advisory Council application.

Selection Process

The council chairperson and co-chair will interview qualified applicants. New appointees are chosen based on the following:

  • Quality of recommendations
  • Quality of interview answers
  • Representation to fit current council needs

Vacancies will be filled on an as-needed basis. We’ll call you and send a letter if you’re selected to join the committee.

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