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Below you’ll find answers to common questions about insurance. If what you’re looking for isn’t here, don’t hesitate to call Patient Financial Services at 530-332-6300.

How does Enloe get my insurance billing information?

We use the insurance information you provided to us either before or at the time of your services.

We will submit your bill to your designated insurance carrier for payment. If you need to change your insurance on file, please call Patient Financial Services.

Why am I receiving a bill when I expected my insurance to pay for everything?

Many insurance companies have a deductible, co-payment or out-of-pocket patient liability.

Some also do not pay for items they consider your responsibility, or “convenience” items.

Please contact your insurance company if your share of the bill is higher than you expected.

Which insurance plans does Enloe take?

Enloe Medical Center and its affiliates contract with most major insurance carriers.

For questions on specific plans, please contact Patient Financial Services. Please be sure to provide your insurance card at each visit.

What if I don’t have health insurance?

To reduce the cost of health care, the United States government now requires that all residents have health insurance. In California, Covered California is the organization that helps people get covered.

Covered California is a marketplace where you can compare plans and buy one that fits your family’s needs.

You can also learn if you qualify for Medi-Cal or a federal subsidy to help cover the cost of premiums. To learn more and enroll, visit Covered California.

A Note for Patients with Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal Managed Care Insurance

Enloe Medical Center’s contract with Anthem Blue Cross for Managed Medi-Cal plans ended on Oct. 31, 2020. This does not impact commercial insurance plans through Anthem Blue Cross.

Emergency department services will still be covered for all patients under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA). Enloe will also complete treatments that have prior authorization by the plan.

If you have questions related to insurance and billing, please contact Anthem Blue Cross directly by calling the number on your insurance card.

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Contact your insurance company to learn how your plan may cover a particular treatment.