Man on computerPatient Admission

Enloe Medical Center is committed to making your visit as smooth as possible.

Below you’ll find information about our staff and resources for the admitting process.

Patient Admitting & Registration

Enloe has registration staff to help you get checked in for your service. We seek to set up all aspects of your account before you arrive for scheduled treatment.

We’ll contact you ahead of time if there’s any information we need before your visit.

We will make sure your scheduled care is approved by your insurance. We will also explain the cost of services and your estimated part of the bill before you get here.

Pre-Admission Screening Services

Patient speaking with physicianEnloe’s Pre-Admission Screening Services (PASS) ensures an efficient surgical process.

We’ll work through pre-surgical assessments, financial counseling, and paperwork before your surgery.

This makes for a quick check-in on the day of your procedure. Your surgeon’s office will schedule your appointment for you.

If you have questions about this pre-admissions screening procedure, call 530-332-6501. You can also contact your surgeon’s office.

Read more about how to prepare for surgery.

Contact Information

Enloe Medical Center

  • 1531 Esplanade, Chico, CA

Inpatient Admitting

  • 530-332-7706

Outpatient Admitting

  • 530-332-7707

Financial Counseling 

  • 530-332-6749

Pre-Admission Screening Services 

  • 530-332-6501