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Labor Pool: Vaccination Clinic

This labor pool will help support administration of the COVID vaccine to Enloe employees. We are only accepting Enloe Medical Center employees and volunteers at this time for this labor pool. Learn more and complete the survey if you would like to participate.

Day Care Options

Valley Oak Children’s Services

Need day care? Fill out this interest form and send it to Valley Oak Children’s Services or contact the company at (530) 895-3572. Valley Oak can also provide you with individual referrals to providers who are working with essential personnel in Butte County. The list of available providers includes family child care and child care centers.


Chico Area Recreation and Park District (CARD) is offering a variety of child care options during the fall. These include all-day and preschool options. Learn more.

Glenn County Office of Education

Temporary child care for essential workers is available at no cost through Glenn County Office of Education’s Child Care Resource, Referral and Payment Program. Glenn County residents, please call (530) 865-1118 for more information or visit GCOE- Child and Family Services on Facebook.

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Kids Park

Kids Park is a licensed facility that can assist with day care needs during school and child care closures. It reached out to Enloe Medical Center because it understands health care workers are needed to continue caring for the community during the COVID-19 situation.

Kids Park has flexible hours and takes children ages 2 to 12. If you’re interested in its service, learn more and pre-register by vising or 2477 Forest Ave., Suite 190, in Chico.

You can also reach the facility at (530) 894-6800.

The state of California launched a new portal to help Californians working in essential sectors find child care during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

Visit to search for care by location, health and safety details, ages of children, capacity, and hours of care.

Take Our Survey

Valley Oak Children’s Services is considering providing day care for health care workers. If you have not yet done so, please complete this child care needs survey.

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woman on phoneStay Well

During this time, it’s important to take care of yourself. These tips can help:

  • Take time to process what’s happening.
  • Text, call or FaceTime with loved ones. Social distancing does not mean social isolation.
  • Be active. If you need inspiration, there are plenty of workouts on YouTube and other websites that can help.
  • Let your creative juices flow. Write, read, paint or do something else creative.
  • If you’re working from home, take lunch breaks and create a to-do list to help you complete your tasks.
  • Drink plenty of water, enjoy healthy meals and get a good night’s rest. Good nutrition and sleep help your physical and emotional well-being.

If you’re worried about your health or the health of your loved ones, that’s normal. However, if you’re unable to sleep, eat or are feeling overwhelmed, reach out for help. Enloe Behavioral Health is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (530) 332-5250.

These resources may also be useful:

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    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

  • video-img

    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

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