Enloe Regional Transfer Center

ambulance with sirens on a city street at nightThe Enloe Regional Transfer Center is here to ease the transfer of acute care patients in Northern California. It manages all requests to transfer patients in or out of Enloe Medical Center. If we cannot take a patient, the transfer center will find another facility and arrange the transportation.

Steps to Transfer Your Patient

1) Call the Enloe Regional Transfer Center at 1-844-40-ENLOE (1-844-403-6563).

2) Be ready to provide information about the patient, sending facility and referring provider. We may request additional information as needed.


  • One call does it all. With one call, you can facilitate the transfer and transportation of a patient. Eliminating multiple calls will improve your efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Safety and speed of care will increase for patient transfers.
  • A standardized process supports EMTALA compliance. A higher level of documentation also supports safe patient hand-off. 

Contact Us

Enloe Regional Transfer Center

1-844-40-ENLOE (1-844-403-6563)

Open 24 hours a day.

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