Caregiver with a patientClinical Lab Orders

Enloe Medical Center’s Clinical Lab serves patients admitted into Enloe Medical Center and offers outpatient laboratory services as well as physician referrals.

Enloe’s Fountain Laboratory provides services to patients during their treatment at the Infusion Therapy Clinic inside Enloe’s Regional Cancer Center.

Rebecca Johnson, M.D., is the medical director for Enloe’s Clinical Lab and Laboratory Services.


Enloe has a microbiology lab, phlebotomy services and transfusion services.

We conduct lab tests in the specialties of chemistry, coagulation, hematology, microbiology, serology (serum antibody testing), special chemistry, transfusion and urinalysis.

View the Enloe Outpatient Lab Test Requisition.

See Enloe’s Laboratory Test Directory and Lab Information Guide.

Instructions for Sending Specimens

Please ensure that specimens are labeled with a minimum of the:

  • Patient’s first name and last name
  • Patient’s birth date
  • Month/Date/Year of collection

In addition to the labeled specimens, we will also need the patient’s complete billing information, including demographics and insurance.

Faxing Physician Orders

The Enloe Clinical Lab requires an order from a physician or licensed practitioner to provide service.

Please fax orders to 530-893-6809.

Hours of Service

We provide inpatient lab services 24/7 and are open for outpatient lab appointments every day, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., including holidays.

We offer walk-in service, and patients do not need an appointment for most tests with the exception of glucose tolerance testing.