Career Development & Educational Support

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Enloe Medical Center wants you to succeed and grow in your profession. We offer a variety of programs to build your knowledge and experience.

We also offer diverse career paths and assist with financial aid. Explore the opportunities available to you.

Loan Forgiveness

Loan forgiveness reimbursement is available to:

  • Full-time (72-80 hours per pay period) advanced practitioners (NP/PA/CNM)
  • Part-time (48-71 hours per pay period) advanced practitioners (NP/PA/CNM)
  • Full-time registered nurses, pharmacists, therapists, clinical lab scientists and clinical lab microbiologists

Employees must complete their Introductory Period and meet all required work hours.

Advanced practitioners are eligible to receive up to $250 per month if they work full time and up to $200 per month if they work part time. Full-time pharmacists and therapists are eligible to receive up to $500 per month. Full-time clinical lab scientists, clinical lab microbiologists and registered nurses are eligible to receive up to $250 per month.

To ask a question or request a copy of the guidelines and agreement, please contact Recruiting Services.

Education Assistance

Enloe offers assistance to full-time, part-time and per diem employees who are studying to further their health care career. The educational program must relate to the employee’s position at Enloe or help to advance in a health care field in a service provided at Enloe. The maximum reimbursement for books and tuition is $500 per session or up to $1,500 per year.

Download an application or contact Recruiting Services to have it emailed to you.

Special Certification Pay

Enloe may offer up to a $500 reimbursement for employees who obtain specialty certification. This program is available to:

  • Registered nurses
  • Physician assistants
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Imaging technologists
  • Clinical laboratory scientists
  • Speech, occupational and physical therapists
  • Social workers

The reimbursement will be paid for the initial certification, but not for renewals. The certification must be relevant to the position held by the employee. Reimbursement may be paid for more than one, non-duplicative certification. A manager should approve the expense reimbursement and send it to Payroll for processing.

To begin receiving monthly Special Certification Premium Pay, the employee must present the certification to his or her manager for approval, and the manager will forward this information to Recruiting Services to process the payment.

Employees achieving special certification will receive additional pay as follows:

  • $60 per month for employees regularly scheduled to work 72 hours or more per pay period
  • $40 per month for employees regularly scheduled to work 48-72 hours per pay period
  • Additional pay is not provided for multiple certifications.

Enloe Continuing Education Programs

Enloe’s Education Center offers classes throughout the year for clinical staff. Find a schedule of classes on the Continuing Education page.

Nurse Assistant

Students are eligible to work as nurse assistants after completing one semester of a nursing program. We encourage students to look for nurse assistant job postings and apply for positions that fit their school schedule.

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