Man at computer writing down instructionsKnowing what to expect before your surgery, on the day of your procedure, after surgery and once you go home can help you feel at ease – and improve your overall experience.

Learn what to expect below and get to know our trusted Enloe Surgical and Procedural Assessment Area (ESPAA) team.

Before Surgery

Connect with Your Care Team

A nurse will contact you the day before your surgery to discuss what you can and can’t eat before your surgery, as well as when you should arrive for your procedure, unless you have been working with ESPPA and get that information from the team.

If you don’t get a call with this information by the afternoon before your surgery, call the location where you are scheduled to have your procedure:

  • Enloe Medical Center on Esplanade: 530-332-5545
  • Enloe Same Day Surgery at the Enloe Outpatient Center: 530-332-6882

If your child is the one having surgery, call the numbers above to request a tour of our facilities.

Follow These Tips

If you’re the one having surgery, doing the following can bring you peace of mind and make things easier:

  • Ensure you have someone to watch your children during your procedure if you have kids.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery. It’s OK to take a taxi if a responsible adult is with you.
  • Ask a loved one to help you fill your prescriptions once you’re discharged from the hospital.
  • If you will go home the same day of your procedure and an anesthesiologist will be involved with your care, have a responsible adult stay with you overnight. This is required for safety reasons.
  • Be sure to stock your kitchen with clear liquids, such as Jell-O, tea, broth, popsicles, and full liquids, such as milk products, ice cream and soup.
  • If you develop a cold, sore throat, fever, rash or other symptoms of illness before your surgery, notify your surgeon ASAP.

Having an Anesthetic?

Contact your surgeon with any questions you may have.

The Day of Surgery

Follow These Tips

For a good surgical experience, it’s important to follow the instructions you were given about diet and arrival time. Showering with an antibacterial soap on the evening before or morning of your surgery is recommended.

And be sure to do the following on the day of your surgery:

  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco.
  • Do not wear mascara or other eye makeup. It can irritate your eyes.
  • Remove nail polish if you’re having surgery on your hands or feet.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to put on after surgery.

Finally, if the person having surgery is a minor, he or she must be accompanied by a parent, who must stay in the building until the child is discharged home or admitted to the medical center.

Know What to Bring

If you’re wondering what to bring with you and what to keep at home during your procedure, follow these guidelines:

  • Leave all valuables at home, including rings, watches, earrings and necklaces.
  • Bring your inhalers and eye drops, but leave all other medications at home.
  • If you have not had contact with ESPAA, bring a list of your medications, vitamins, supplements, and herbal products, with dosages and scheduled times.
  • If you’re staying overnight, bring your advance directive/power of attorney for health care, eyeglass or contact lens case, robe, slippers, hearing aide, toiletries, and reading or writing materials if desired.
  • If you are scheduled at Enloe Same Day Surgery, bring your prescription insurance card and co-payment.

When You Arrive

When you arrive for your procedure:

  • You will meet with a patient service representative.
  • You will be escorted to the preoperative area, where a nurse will prepare you for surgery.
  • The anesthesiologist will speak with you and your family.

During Your Surgery

During your surgery, your family can wait for you in the lobby. The surgeon will speak with them after surgery. You will be reunited with your family after surgery, once you have recovered from anesthesia.

If you are an inpatient, staying at Enloe Medical Center, your family will be informed of your room number and the time that they may visit you.

Get to Know ESPAA

Your doctor may refer you to the ESPAA team to prepare for your operation. This team is designed to ensure the best possible surgical experience for Enloe patients. 

ESPAA has a team of registered nurses who meet with patients to provide pre-operative education, assessment and testing.

Working with the Team

When you work with the ESPAA team:

  • You will receive education about your upcoming surgery.
  • We gather your medical history and provide you with any needed exams. Results are shared with your surgeon and anesthesiologist.
  • We check for and follow up on issues to avoid a delay in your surgery.
  • You receive instructions for your day of surgery. This will include how to prepare, what medications to take, where to go and your arrival time.
  • You may also get more information about Enloe’s robotic surgical services.

Make an Appointment

If you’re having surgery at Enloe and your physician has not already set up an appointment with ESPAA, call 530-332-6001 to do so Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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