Patient Testimonials

Woman playing basketball with sonSee what some of our past patients have to say:

“Thank you all for caring! You have made such a difference in our lives. We had no life before you. Now we are starting to live again.”

“Everyone deserves positive recognition. I have never dealt with such an excellent medical facility … The caring people were the best! I could have not asked for anything better!”

“Your facility is amazing. Everyone there really cares about their patients and their recovery.”

“This facility has exceeded all our expectation in every way. We feel as the entire staff is an extended family and are going to miss our visits here. Everyone is professional, friendly, caring and highly equipped in their field. Thank you for all you’ve done in the past months.”

“I appreciate how the team works together. At 63 years old with a permanent disability, I believe your team breathed hope into my life. You are the best team. I’m sure I will need help in the future, so I trust that you will stay informed in your field and will work hard as we meet again. Thank you so much for giving me hope again.”

“I feel all my therapists were special. They helped me to improve my condition at every session. And also they told me how to help myself between treatments. Thank you for all you do every day.”

“Not that I want to have another injury, but if I do have one, I am glad your staff and facility are here to help … And I have been recommending this place to friends.”

Ask for a Referral

You’ll need a referral from your doctor for Enloe’s rehabilitation services. To learn more about our care, call:

  • Enloe Rehabilitation Center:


  • Outpatient Therapy Services: