Special Care Nursery

Enloe’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

pregnant mother folding baby clothes

The caregivers at Enloe’s Nettleton Mother & Baby Care Center are ready for any urgent maternity care need during labor.

Babies who require extra care may be taken to Enloe’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Called the Special Care Nursery (SCN), this facility is only steps away from our birthing suites. Pediatric providers are always on call.

Nurses receive special training to provide excellent care to the infants and preemie babies brought here.

If your baby goes to the SCN, caregivers will keep you updated on their health. You can also visit your newborn in the nursery. We allow two visitors at a time. Our nursery features six special care rooms with a sleeping chair so one parent can spend the night if you’d like.

Preemie babies and other infants who need special care will remain in the SCN until they are well enough to return to their mother’s hospital room or go home.

Enloe is equipped to care for infants at or past 34 weeks gestation. Babies born at Enloe prior to 34 weeks will be stabilized and transferred to a neonatal intensive care facility in Sacramento.