UCSF Partnership

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Sometimes you need a higher level of collaborative care. That’s when our partnership with the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Center and our Cancer Registry can make a difference.

You Take Center Stage

The relationship with UCSF allows patients at Enloe’s Regional Cancer Center, hospital oncology unit and Hospice program to:

  • Be seen at the University of California, San Francisco, if needed
  • Participate in clinical trials at UCSF, one of the leading cancer research centers

It also allows Enloe caregivers to discuss treatment with their colleagues and UCSF experts. This can be key to coming up with the best treatment options for you.

Caregivers from a variety of specialties — including surgery, medical and radiation oncology, pathology, and radiology — attend these meetings, so every aspect of your care is considered. These providers also have access to your scans, tests and more to ensure they have a complete picture of your condition.

Enloe Helps Fight Cancer

Enloe’s Cancer Registry works diligently to collect statistics about patients’:

  • Type of cancer
  • Cancer extent
  • And treatments received

State officials require this to help track the prevalence of cancer and treatment outcomes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cancer registries throughout the U.S. help officials answer questions like:

  • Who is getting cancer?
  • Who is at the highest risk for cancer?
  • What cancers are on the rise?
  • And are screenings working?

Knowing this information helps officials learn more about cancer, in general, and it can have a big impact in the fight against this disease. Board-certified physicians also have access to the information to help them better treat patients with cancer, and information is collected throughout patients’ lives. Please note that the privacy of health information is protected under federal guidelines. For more information about Enloe’s Cancer Registry, call 530-332-3831.