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The Enloe Regional Cancer Center and Enloe Comprehensive Breast Care (ECBC) teams offer great care using the latest technology. These caregivers take a team approach, whether you’re in need of ovarian cancer treatment, kidney cancer treatment or the treatment of another cancer. In fact, you may see several providers during your journey, including:


Our doctors specialize in hematology, medical oncology, surgical oncology and radiation oncology. Oncology doctors are experts in cancer care.

Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)

After your oncologist determines a course of treatment, these nurse practitioners and physician assistants (also known as advanced practice providers) step in to help manage your care. They can conduct follow-up appointments, order tests and prescribe medication.


Our registered nurses specialize in oncology care. They will work with you and your caregivers to help you overcome health care hurdles. Your nurse provides education and resources, facilitates informed decision-making, and helps coordinate timely access to medical and emotional care throughout your treatment and follow-up. These caregivers also administer your treatment in our infusion clinic.

Social Workers

Our social workers offer patients and families practical and emotional support. Services include referrals to community resources and assistance with financial help, applications for disability insurance, transportation, and housing. They also offer short-term support related to coping, difficult family dynamics and end-of-life counseling.


Our registered dietitian is available with a referral from your nurse or provider. She addresses nutrition concerns like lack of appetite, unintended weight loss, or weight gain and other symptoms related to cancer treatment or surgery. The Cancer Center Library also offers cookbooks and other resources related to diet.


Radiation therapists deliver your radiation treatments according to the plan prescribed by your radiation oncologists. They are responsible for your safety and comfort and will become familiar faces who greet you daily to facilitate your treatment visits.

Therapists with the Enloe Lymphedema Therapy Clinic specialize in treating lymphedema and helping you manage it. They use a technique called completed decongestive therapy, the leading method for lymphedema treatment that includes manual lymph drainage, skin care and hygiene, and decongestive and flexibility exercise, among other practices.


Cancer psychiatry is intended for Enloe cancer patients whose treatment is in jeopardy because of psychiatric symptoms. Cancer affects more than just the body, and psychiatric illnesses can arise or worsen during your cancer journey. A referral from your provider is required.

Other Caregivers

Your cancer team also includes new patient coordinators, financial navigators, patient clerks, medical assistants, lab and pharmacy technicians, radiation dosimetrists, an acupuncturist, volunteers, and administrative staff who are all ready to improve the quality of your experience through patient-centered care.

These trusted caregivers have many years of experience. Learn more about them below.

Physicians are independent, licensed practitioners who are members of the Enloe medical staff and not employed by the medical center.

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