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Enloe Behavioral Health believes in taking care of you holistically. We aim to treat the mind, body and spirit. As a result, we offer the following complementary therapies.

Healing Groups

Holding handsA Narcotics Anonymous group meets on Saturdays and an Alcoholics Anonymous group meets on Sundays. These groups are closed, so only our clients can attend, allowing you to share your feelings confidentially.

Spiritual Support Volunteers are also on hand to talk upon request.

Restful Sleep

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Enloe Behavioral Health values sleep, which is a critical component of good health. We are committed to helping you get the best rest possible during your stay. Feel free to request:

  • Ear plugs
  • Lavender oil
  • A warm blanket
  • An adjustment to your room temperature
  • Your curtain to be drawn
  • Lighting adjustments
  • Sleepy time tea


Lavender oil

Enloe Behavioral Health uses aromatherapy, the use of pure essential oils for a therapeutic purpose. Aromatherapy can improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Some of the essential oils used here include:

  • Lavender for nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, depression, PMS, headache, anger, fear and stress. Lavender enhances the sense of well-being and may reduce fear and anxiety prior to medical procedures.
  • Ginger for nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It has antispasmodic properties, settles the digestive system and stimulates the appetite. Ginger has warming properties and may be useful if you have the chills, a cold or the flu. It can also be useful in clearing your sinuses.
  • Bergamot as an antidepressant. It can relieve tension headaches, nervousness, agitation and insomnia. It can also help digestive disorders and stimulate your appetite. Bergamot is uplifting and refreshing, and can calm emotional stress.
  • Peppermint for headaches, migraines and mental fatigue. Its calming effects can help with anxiety and depression. Peppermint can also help with nausea, including post-operative nausea. It is also beneficial for sinus congestion and recommended for flus, colds, and respiratory infections.

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