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Planetree is a non-profit organization that connects hospitals with tools and ideas for demystifying and personalizing the health care experience for patients and families. Planetree provides the ideas and resources to make a difference in hospitals and offers opportunities to share concepts with other hospitals. Enloe Medical Center is pleased to share with you our initiatives that address Planetree's components of patient-centered care.

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Recognition for patient-centered care

Planetree Bronze Recognition:
Patient-Centered Care

Bronze Recognition was awarded to Enloe Medical Center in 2013 following a series of focus groups with patients and their loved ones, as well as staff from a multitude of disciplines and divisions within the hospital.
For more about recognition, visit Enloe's Accomplishment's page.

National 2014 Spirit of Planetree Program Award

The Enloe Total Joint Replacement Program was presented with the National 2014 Spirit of Planetree Program Award which honors programs and services that support extraordinary achievement in transforming the health care experience. The many departments involved with this program keep the needs and care of the patient at the forefront of all decisions in the patient’s journey.


Supporting Patient-Centered Care

Donations to the Enloe Planetree Fund will support Planetree programs and services designed to provide patient-centered care in a healing environment at Enloe Medical Center. To learn more and make a donation, contact the Enloe Foundation.

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