Quality Summit

At Enloe Medical Center, caregivers continually look for ways to improve services.

The Enloe Quality Summit has been at the core of this work since 2009. This unique annual event brings the organization together to share new projects and celebrate successes.

Each year, leading up to the Quality Summit, Enloe encourages caregivers to pursue improvement projects in their own departments. Teams create posters illustrating these projects. Then, at the Summit, we present the Quality Summit Award to the caregivers with the most outstanding project.

This focus on continual improvements is responsible for many of the great things happening at Enloe. A constant pursuit of excellence helps ensure you and your loved ones receive excellent care.

You’re Invited

Quality Summit posterDiscover more about this quality journey.

View the 2022 quality improvement project posters, including the winner, Eat, Sleep & Console, about a new approach to substance exposed newborns.

View the 2022 Posters

Annual Report

2022 Quality Summit Report Enloe’s Quality Summit Annual Report provides an update on quality at Enloe.

It includes a summary of each new project and recognizes the Quality Summit Award recipient.

Download the 2022 Enloe Quality Summit Annual Report and view it for yourself.

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