Planetree: Patient-Centered Care

Planetree’s mission is simple: Inspire caregivers to make patients partners in their care. The philosophy aims to personalize, demystify and humanize health care.

Planetree certificationAs a Planetree hospital, Enloe Medical Center embraces this attitude. In 2022, Enloe received Planetree Gold Certification with a Distinction for Leadership and Innovation in Person-Centered Care. Enloe is one of only seven organizations worldwide to earn Planetree’s highest honor.

The award recognizes Enloe’s work to advance person-centered care through outreach, research, scholarship and innovation.

Achieving this coveted status requires organizations to earn re-certification for Excellence in Person-Centered Care at the Gold level, while building on their success beyond the standards outlined in the Person-Centered Care Certification program.

The criteria Enloe met to achieve this certification reflects what patients, families and caregivers have reported in hundreds of focus groups about what matters most to them during a health care experience.

As part of the certification process, we showcased programs that actively reduce health care disparities, improve overall health, lower costs and improve staff engagement and well-being.

Planetree Recognitions

Mom with newborn2022 — Enloe Medical Center received a Gold Certification for Excellence in Patient-Centered Care with a Distinction for Leadership and Innovation, Planetree's highest honor.

2018 — Enloe Medical Center received a Gold Certification for Excellence in Patient-Centered Care.

2016 — Enloe's Bariatric Program received the Spirit of Planetree Award: Patient Centered Excellence and Innovation.

2014 — Enloe’s Total Joint Replacement Program received the National 2014 Spirit of Planetree Program Award, which honors programs and services that support extraordinary achievement in transforming the health care experience.

2013 — Enloe Medical Center received a Planetree Bronze Recognition.

Planetree in Action

See how Enloe puts the Planetree philosophy into action with our Patient-Centered Initiatives:

Access to Information

Father and daughter at computerEnloe offers several features to make accessing health information easier:

  • We have shared medical records to help patients make informed health care decisions. We encourage patients to read their medical records during their stay in the hospital to be active participants in their care plans. Shared medical records also promote two-way dialogue between patients and health care providers, and allow patients to understand and ask questions about their condition or treatment.
  • We offer events, classes and support groups to help keep the community well. We also host continuing education classes and symposia for health professionals.
  • We host an online and physical library. Our eHealth Library has a large selection of articles, videos and interactive tools on many topics, including diseases, procedures and preventive care. Our walk-in library at the Enloe Regional Cancer Center is also available to patients, their families and others in the community.

Arts & Entertainment

Child playing guitar with grandpaTo honor the powerful role of the arts, Enloe enlists volunteer musicians who provide live music to enhance patients’ healing process by creating a pleasing and relaxing environment. Musicians have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life by doing what they love.

Additionally, Enloe co-sponsors Chico Performances shows, supporting music as a healing art at the medical center and in the community.

The Cancer Center received the national Spirit of Planetree Arts & Entertainment Award in 2008.

Family, Friends & Social Support

Woman with care partnerAt Enloe, we believe in empowering patients and their loved ones through:

  • Visitation: When family and friends visit their loved one at the hospital, they are supporting the patient’s emotional and social needs. Most patient rooms at Enloe are private with furnishings that provide comfort and privacy. View our visitation policy.
  • The Care Partner Program: Our patient-centered approach involves adding a family member or friend to the health care team. It creates a three-way partnership between the patient, health care team and selected care partner. The care partner is invited to participate in care as agreed upon with the patient and the hospital staff. This can be especially important when it comes to education and discharge planning.

Food & Nutrition

Vegetables in a bagEnloe Medical Center regularly refreshes its patient and café menus. We have been recognized for serving R.E.A.L. food that:

  • Is robust in flavor
  • Has exceptional ingredients
  • Avoids additives
  • Is loaded with nutrients

Healing Environment

Man sleepingEnloe prioritizes a healing environment.

  • We aim to create a quieter setting, so patients can get health-restoring sleep. Plus, patients can receive a sleep menu to help them get a good night’s sleep and our quiet hospital workgroup continues to seek ways to ensure patients can rest.
  • We enlist specially-trained dogs that are a part of our Animal Assisted Therapy Program and Pets Assisting With Service (P.A.W.S.) Volunteer Program to offer patients therapeutic support and emotional comfort.
  • We've created a warm, friendly environment through artwork and interior design. California nature photography is exhibited throughout the hospital. Welcoming family lounges and furniture designed for overnight guests help visitors have a comfortable stay with their loved ones. Plus, our Meditation Room provides a place to reflect and experience a sense of peace.

Healthy Communities

Woman and child riding bikesTo promote healthy communities, Enloe offers:

For more about Enloe's service to the community, read our Community Benefit Report. Plus, as part of our commitment to community health, Enloe has a committee that has worked to expand the medical center’s recycling and ecologically sustainable practices. It continues to look at practices that are good for people and the environment.

In keeping with a commitment to improve the health care of patients and the community, all of Enloe's campuses are tobacco-free. Patients who need help are encouraged to request nicotine replacement through their physician before they are admitted to the medical center. For those who are ready to quit smoking, personal support is available through the California Smokers’ Helpline at 1-800-No-Butts.

Human Interaction

Woman with adult daughter Enloe has many initiatives to create a culture of patient-centered care:

  • We host staff training retreats. Our discussions focus on the patient’s perspective and the vital role staff play in personalizing care.
  • We take a collaborative approach to care. In this model, the patient and their loved one, or care partner, are at the center of a comprehensive, holistic and collaborative approach, supporting optimal care.
  • We recognize all Enloe employees, partner employees, volunteers and physicians as caregivers, and we regularly honor caregivers whose actions tell a story of human kindness, quality of clinical care or exceptional customer service. Read our Stories of Excellence.
  • We developed a Patient Ambassadors Program to reduce the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual anxiety of patients and their families. These compassionate volunteers receive in-depth training and orientation, visit hospital patients, and offer help.
  • We created Enloe’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) to help the hospital learn about the perspective of patients who received care at Enloe, as well as the experience of their loved ones. This valuable insight has led to improved guidelines for visitation, better communication with families waiting for a patient in surgery and more.

Healing Touch & Complementary Therapies

Lavender Planetree encourages evidence-based alternative, complementary and integrative modes of healing. Each patient’s wellness needs are approached holistically and in consideration of the person’s expressed health goals and priorities.

Enloe offers:

  • Aromatherapy — the use of pure essential oils for a therapeutic purpose
  • Acupuncture at a weekly, low-cost outpatient clinic in a group setting
  • P.A.W.S. (Pets Assisting With Service); ask your nurse if you are interested in a PAWS visitation while in the hospital
  • Supportive & Palliative Care Services to patients and families facing chronic, long-term illnesses and end-of-life questions
  • Reiki treatments to patients in the Infusion Therapy Clinic at the Enloe Regional Cancer Center

Spirituality & Diversity

Caregiver and patient holding handsEnloe partners with leaders of our local faith-based community to meet the needs of patients, visitors and staff. When considering the Planetree criteria of Spirituality and Diversity, hospital and community spiritual leaders saw an opportunity to create a formal program to meet these diverse needs.

Enloe’s Spiritual Support Volunteers Program (SSV) began in 2014. These volunteers provide for the spiritual well-being of the patients, families, and staff of Enloe Medical Center, regardless of their faith tradition and for those whose spirituality is experienced away from religious context.

SSVs are available around the clock, either on site or on call. To learn more call 530-332-5064.

Enloe Medical Center also has a Meditation Room furnished by a generous donation and open to all. It is a welcoming and inclusive non-denominational space. This is a place of solace, peace, hope and refuge where expressions of grief and gratitude and healing conversations can occur.

Want to Support Patient-Centered Care?

Consider donating to the Enloe Planetree Fund. Gifts will benefit Planetree programs and services at Enloe Medical Center. To learn more, contact the Enloe Foundation.

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