Preparing for Your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment

Here we help you prepare for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment, from what to bring to what to expect at Enloe's Wound/Ostomy & Hyperbaric Center in Chico, Calif.

You will receive complete instructions for your treatment when you arrive. A comfortable cotton garment approved for use in the chamber will be provided to you.

For your safety, the following are not allowed inside the chamber:

  • Makeup, nail polish, perfume, or aftershave
  • Hair spray or hair oils
  • Wigs or hairpieces
  • Alcohol-or petroleum-based products
  • Cell phones or pagers
  • Jewelry, titanium frame eyeglasses, keys or other metals
  • Flammable materials or heat-producing items
  • Hearing aids
  • Food, gum, or juice

Avoiding tobacco products

Over the course of your treatment, you should avoid the use of any tobacco products; these will constrict blood vessels and prolong or even prevent the healing of your wound.

Inform us of Sickness, medications or changes

Please let us know if you are ill, and/or are taking any medications prior to your treatment. Your treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs; inform us any changes in your health or medications so we may update your treatment plan.

What is hyperbaric oxygen treatment like?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments include three phases:

  1. Compression: During the compression phase patients feel a "fullness" in their ears similar to what is experienced as a commercial airliner lands. This increase in pressure on the tympanic membrane or eardrum must be equalized by performing a valsalva maneuver or by swallowing or yawning. The temperature in the chamber also increases slightly during compression.
  2. Treatment: The treatment phase begins when the pressure reaches the prescribed level. The patient breathes 100 percent oxygen with brief interruptions to breath air to reduce the risk of side effects that could happen with prolonged oxygen breathing. During the treatment patients may rest, sleep, listen to music or watch a movie.
  3. Decompression: During decompression the pressure within the chamber is reduced to that at the surface. Decompression results in mild cooling. Once the chamber pressure equals the outside or surface pressure, the treatment is complete and the patient is assisted out of the chamber.

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