Cardiothoracic Surgery

Enloe Medical Center features an experienced surgical team of nurses and technicians working alongside board-certified surgeons performing a wide range of procedures, including:

Coronary Artery Bypasses: Surgeons transplant healthy blood vessels to divert the blood supply to the heart around areas of blockage from atherosclerosis.

• Endoscopic Vein Removals: In conjunction with a bypass surgery, healthy veins are extracted through very small incisions for reuse as new heart vessels.

• Minimally Invasive Endovascular Stenting: To treat certain aneurysms (dilations or bulges in blood vessels), surgeons implant stents to reinforce the artery.

Valve Repair: Procedures ranging from simple annuloplasty to complex reconstruction fix leaks in, or narrowing of, heart valves.

Valve Replacement: Surgeons use prosthetic tissue and/or prosthetic or mechanical devices to replace damaged or diseased valves.

• Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization: TMR treats angina (chest pain) by creating new blood vessels that allow for the proper blood flow through the heart.

Bloodless Surgery

Enloe Medical Center respects beliefs about blood transfusion. The followers of particular faiths and others concerned about transfusions can receive medical and surgical care without receiving blood or blood products.

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