Cardiac Diagnostics

Patients experiencing cardiac-related symptoms without having a heart attack often visit Enloe Medical Center’s Cardiac Diagnostics department for noninvasive testing. The skilled staff of Cardiac Diagnostics facilitates a variety of tests to help determine the cause of symptoms. Enloe offers on-site diagnostic services for adults and children, as well as telemedicine with Sacramento physician groups when patients have more specialized needs.

Common diagnostic tests offered by Enloe Cardiac Diagnostics:

Electrocardiograms: ECGs (also known as EKGs) assess the heart’s rate and rhythm. It checks for abnormal heart rhythms or determines heart health before or after surgery.

Echocardiogram: Also known as an Echo, this test uses sound waves to create an image of the beating heart, which can be assessed to determine any functional and structural issues.

Exercise Stress Tests: Also known as “treadmill tests,” these procedures involve stressing the heart through exercising in order to assess the cause of chest pain.

Nuclear Perfusion Tests and Ambulatory Electrocardiographic Monitoring: Both procedures study heart rhythm and blood flow through the heart chambers.

• Heart Monitoring: This can help diagnose abnormal rhythms or chest pain. Twenty-four-hour monitoring provides a continuous record, while 30-day event monitoring is activated by patients when they experience symptoms.

Testing leads to the next step in your care, whether that is further testing, treatment or simple relief that comes when a test shows the heart is functioning as it should.

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Hours: Outpatient testing is available by appointment Monday through Friday. A pediatric clinic is held weekly by pediatric cardiologists from Yuba City, San Francisco and Davis. Inpatient testing is offered everyday, 24 hours a day

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