Discharge Planning and Referrals

Our goal at Enloe Behavioral Health is to assist people with managing their mental illness by teaching them to recognize triggers, to understand the importance of properly managing medications and to begin the process of dealing with day-to-day life with a mental illness.

Social worker assesses needs

Therefore, as soon as a patient is admitted to our unit, the process of discharge planning begins. A social worker meets with each patient to determine their individual needs upon discharge. Often this includes assisting in finding a therapist and a psychiatrist they can work with after discharge. The social worker communicates with a patient's insurance company to find providers within his or her network.

Connecting with outside resources

The social worker also talks with patients to determine needs that aren't being met outside the hospital. We make connections with outside resources such as support groups and social groups, parenting classes, places of worship, and government and county resources, depending on the patient's wishes. Everyone has many levels of functioning including their physical, emotional, spiritual and social selves. We believe in working with the patient as a whole person, not just someone with mental illness.


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