Online Bariatric Class

Welcome! This online class is designed to help patients prepare for their bariatric surgery at Enloe Medical Center. The class provides a better idea of how bariatric surgery works, what to expect during the hospital visit and how to participate in the recovery process. Spouse, relatives and friends are welcome and encouraged to view the class. After you view the class, please complete the online test and sign the agreement that follows the test.

1) View the Class

The first part of the class is viewing the following presentation.

2) Take the Test and Sign the Agreement

Now that you have viewed the online class presentation, please complete the test specific to the type of surgery you plan to have, and sign the agreement that follows the test.

3) We Will Contact You

Congratulations! You have completed the steps needed for your online class. The bariatric nurse from Enloe Medical Center will contact you after you are scheduled for surgery. Feel free to ask any questions you may have during this phone call. You are also welcome to call the Bariatric Program at (530) 332-5122. 

4) Discover More About the Enloe Bariatric Program

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