Anticoagulation Clinic

Nurse practitioners and registered nurses at Enloe Medical Center's Anticoagulation Clinic work under the direction of each patient's physician to provide safe, therapeutic care of those on anticoagulant medication.

We help patients maintain an optimal level of anticoagulation, preventing too little or too much thinning of the blood. Patients who benefit from the clinic include those with atrial fibrillation; mechanical heart valves; or those who have had deep vein thrombosis, a pulmonary embolism or other forms of blood clots. Patients must be referred by a physician.

Comprehensive approach

Scheduled visits at our clinic include:

  • Assessment
  • Education for the patient and family
  • Dosage adjustment
  • Lab testing using finger-stick technology

Recognized for excellence

Enloe's Anticoagulation Clinic received a 2004 Roche Dream Award for Excellence in Anticoagulation Management. Roche Diagnostics gives the award for excellence in helping patients manage anticoagulation medications. Our clinic was the only hospital-affiliated program in California, and one of only 200 clinics out of 10,000 candidates in the nation, to be awarded.

For more information about the Enloe Anticoagulation Clinic, please call 530.332.6816.


Anticoagulation Clinic
Enloe Outpatient Center
888 Lakeside Village Commons
Building A
Chico, CA 95926

Enloe's Anticoagulation Clinic received the 2004 Roche DREAM Award for Excellence, one  of just two recipients in California.

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