Our volunteers tell us that volunteering at Enloe Medical Center is the best volunteer opportunity in Chico. Come join us and we think you'll agree!

Volunteers at Enloe Medical Center enhance the experience of our patients and their families by providing additional services and care that complements the outstanding service of our caregivers. The best gift that a volunteer can give is the gift of time. Time to escort a visitor to their destination, time to run a delivery errand for a nurse, time to sit and chat with a patient - all these actions help Enloe to provide exceptional service.

Community members are given meaningful service opportunities that support hospital programs, projects, and services.

Areas of volunteer service include:


Volunteers in Guest Services placements help to positively impact the patient/visitor experience by creating a welcoming and compassionate environment. Guest Services volunteers provide reception, run errands, and assist with a variety of support tasks. Guest Services volunteers are friendly, outgoing and active in responding to the needs of patients, staff, and visitors.


Care Ambassadors positively impact the visitor experience by rolling our Caring for You Cart to areas throughout the hospital where families members are waiting. The cart is stocked with coffee, diversions, and comfort items that are offered free of charge. Care Ambassadors are quick to have a smile and the ability to make conversation that will brighten someone's day.


Gift Shop Associates provide a caring retail environment for staff and visitors. The Gift Shop is the largest fund-raiser of the Enloe Volunteers. Learn more about what the Gift Shop has to offer.

Patient Ambassadors

Patient Ambassadors are a highly trained group of volunteers that provide visitation and advocacy for our patients at the bedside. Rounding from room to room on an assigned floor, Patient Ambassadors meet non-medical needs, provide emotional support, and partner with staff in providing a caring environment. Patient Ambassadors are compassionate, good listeners, and emotionally mature.

SPECIALTY programs

Some community members share a very specific ability or talent with our patients and visitors. Enloe's patient-centered care model of health care has allowed for the creation of several programs that have a unique function of support tailored to these specialties.

Musicians. Volunteer Musicians help to create a healing environment by playing soothing, pleasant music that helps to reduce anxiety, provides diversion, and supports a sense of wellbeing. Auditions are held throughout the year.

P.A.W.S. (Pets Assisting With Service). Pet Partners provide joy and diversion when they come to visit.. Not just any dog can be a volunteer! First the pet and their human handler must be registered Then the human end of the team becomes an official Enloe Volunteer. The visits are rewarding to the patients and the staff as well as the volunteers -- both human and pet. Learn more about the organization on the Pet Partners website or by contacting local Pet Partner Evaluator Sarah Richardson at Canine Connections in Chico, Calif.

White Rose Companions. White Rose Companions help provide dying patients and their family and friends with a supportive and comforting environment that is quiet, respectful and compassionate. At the request of family or the patient's social worker, these specially trained volunteers are called in to help with end-of-life transition. White Rose Companions must also be active Hospice or Patient Ambassador Volunteers.


Volunteers provide companionship and emotional support to patients receiving treatment and their families at our Regional Cancer Center. Many service areas exist at the Cancer Center to serve the unique needs of the specific patient population including Guest Services, Patient Ambassador, and Speciality Programs.


Hospice Volunteers provide care and support in response to the individual needs of terminally ill patients and their families or support for those family members who have recently lost a loved one through the Bereavement Program. Read the position description.


Volunteers impact the daily life of our community members by providing a service to those outside the hospital. Outreach volunteers might be called upon to staff a booth or work at a community event while others are dedicated to a specific project that focuses on community external to the patient population.

High School Programs

High School student volunteers can participate in our dedicated Junior Volunteer programs that is structured for future health care professional seeking experience in the hospital environment. Learn more about student programs.

Clinical Observation Hours: Physical, occupational & Speech Therapy

College students seeking clinical observation hours in Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy are welcome to participate in an observation-only program at the Enloe Rehabilitation Center. Any student who needs inpatient or outpatient hours in order to apply to a Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy academic program is encouraged to contact Nancy Mayr, Coordinator Informatics and Education. Please send an email, with “Observation Hours” in the subject line, to: A TB clearance is required and a copy of a photo ID will be needed on your first day. Professional dress is required.

Contact Volunteer Services

"I uplift patients' spirits by simply listening and being by their side."
-Volunteer since 2007


"The volunteers give such a gift to the staff with their smiles, their hugs, their time."
-Enloe Employee


"Thank you Volunteers for your courtesy and patience while my father was in surgery."
-Visitor in 2009


"Volunteers embody service from the heart."
-Community member in 2010


"Thank you for being so kind to patients in need. A patient needed emotional support and a Volunteer talked to the patient and helped ease their concerns."
-Enloe Employee


"Thank you for making me feel like there was someone on my side. All your help was truly appreciated."
-Patient in 2009


"I let patients know how special they are by giving a hug or holding a hand."
-Volunteer since 2000


"The ER volunteers have been a great joy to our department, they continually help out in keeping the ER waiting room calm as well as helping family members get back to see their family."
-Enloe Employee


"A patient was in awful pain and I was able to sit and hold her hand while she was being treated. I stayed until she finally felt better."
-Volunteer since 2005