Enloe Medical Center Patient and Family Advisory Council

Bringing the patient and family voice into health care

The participation of patients and family members on our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is important in helping Enloe Medical Center to fulfill our mission to improve the quality of your life through patient-centered care. 

The goals of the PFAC are to:
  • Enhance communication between patients, family members and Enloe caregivers
  • Empower patients and family members to be active participants in their health care
  • Identify and address patient and family needs in all aspects (body, mind, spirit) throughout their health care journey

Guiding principles of our work together will include respect for patient and family knowledge, values, beliefs and diverse cultural backgrounds. Together we can design programs and services that meet real health care needs as patients and families define them.

How will this make a difference?
As a member of the PFAC you will:
  • Have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping health care providers better understand issues from “the other side of the bed”
  • Participate in creating services and programs that better personalize and humanize and health care
  • Expand your own understanding of the health care system and how it works so that you can better navigate it
  • Become an advocate for health services for family, friends and others in the community
What will be required of me if I am appointed to the Council?
  • Fulfill volunteer intake and orientation requirements prior to attending the first PFAC meeting as a Council member and agree to attend annual training sessions associated with PFAC role.
  • Attend PFAC meetings once per month for a period of two hours (special meetings may be held as needed).
  • Exhibit effective meeting behavior, arriving at each meeting prepared for discussion and ready to engage in collaboration with other members
Opportunities to work on projects outside of the monthly meetings might include:
  • Reviewing documents and working on program evaluations
  • Serving as an advisory resource to Enloe administration and staff
  • Planning and implementing PFAC initiatives.  

Members of the PFAC also act as goodwill ambassadors for Enloe in the community and represent Enloe’s mission, goals, and core values in all that they do.

How do I become a part of the Patient and Family Advisory Council?

The PFAC is made up of a minimum of 12 members comprised of patients and/or family members and Enloe caregivers.  Applications for the Council will be accepted in September of each year. To qualify for consideration you must be a former or current patient at Enloe, or a family member of a former or current patient at Enloe, and you must be living in an area served by Enloe. 

Application Packet

You may apply online or download an application packet.

What does the selection process involve?

Qualified applicants will be interviewed by the Council Chairperson and Co-Chair, and appointments will be determined with consideration to the following:

  • Quality of recommendations
  • Quality of application and interview answers
  • Representation to fit current Council needs

Notification of appointment will occur via a phone call and letter no later than December 1. Vacancies occurring mid-term will be filled on an as-needed basis, and the standard application and interview process will be followed. One- and two-year terms will be awarded for the first year the Council is established. Any new members who come on after the first year will be asked for a two-year commitment, with the goal of turning over half of the membership team every 12 months.

For more information

Contact Elise Rowen Debord, Patient-Centered Care Manager at
(530) 332-7005 or by emailing