The Mission of Enloe Fit 4 Life is to promote wellness and active living, as well as to serve as a resource for individuals seeking to improve their personal health.



Fit4Life has teamed up with to launch our 2014 Wellness Program. Log your points daily or weekly.

Details of our 2014 Wellness Program are outlined below.

Track your daily achievements with ease from your personal computer or a smart phone at, or download the app, available in January. Complete and log your tasks each day, week or month, whenever is easiest for you. You could be eligible to win monthly gift cards, prizes and rewards for earned points. Each month, Fit 4 Life will spotlight an activity; see calendar and list below.

Employee Testimony regarding

Matt Miller shares what the website has done for him: “The Fit 4 Life program has been great for me. I love using the graph to track my progress and see where I need to focus on in my training and health management. The program is simple and easy to use. I log on each day and track my progress and see what I need to improve on.” Thanks Matt for your sharing yourtestimony! These employees havereached the Millennium Points Club: Matthew Miller – 2,873.75, Mary Ohlsen – 1,856.31, Ken Farrar 1,517.56, Cary Lieberum – 1,514.77, Troy Keenan – 1,238.46, Sheley Freeman – 1,223.03 and new to the Millennium Points Club: Andreas Hanf – 1,175.79. Congratulations and Great Job to all! Keep logging your points, daily or weekly, for eating right, exercising, sleeping, taking vitamins, referring a friend, etc. on the website.


Wellness Calendar of monthly activities

Monthly Activity Detail


Wellness Calendar Points, Tasks & Prizes


MHN Well Being Assessment Flyer



Monthly NewsLetters

May Fit4Life Newsletter.

June Fit4Life Newsletter

QUIZ June's newsletter talks about Probiotics; what they are and how our bodies uses them. If you are a member of, earn 5 additional points by taking the quiz! Email Fit4Life your answers and it will automatically earn you points.


Monthly Spotlight


90 second Health Bit: Fast Food Tips. Watch Yoda for a laugh and to possibly learn something, too! Email Fit4Life the answer to Yoda’s question to earn 10 points on 95210.


Fit4Life’s Health and Wellness Challenge: June 1st – June 28th.

Learn the benefits of the website and of tracking your weekly healthy habits by joining Fit4Life’s June health and wellness challenge. If you haven't already, sign up on the website by May 31st and start tracking your health. Do you like to work in teams to help you stay motivated? Then create teams with your co-workers and friends right on the website.  Each week in June, the focus will be a different healthy habit. Fit4Life will send out an email to all members with complete details.

Week 1: June 1-7: “Track your Sleep”
Week 2: June 8-14: “Fruits and Veggies” and “Track your Sleep
Week 3: June 15-21: “Recreational Screen Time” and “Fruits and Veggies” and “Track your Sleep”
Week 4: June 22-28: “Physical Activity” and “Recreational Screen Time” and “Fruits and Veggies” and “Track your Sleep”

Log your points each week for the listed activities and qualify for a weekly drawing. Every week one name will be drawn and win a gift coupon for a FREE group session at TNT Performance in Chico.  Email for more information. Remember - keep logging your activity points on webiste!

June 11 Enloe Blood Drive

Wednesday, June 11, Enloe Conference Center. Email Margie Rackley or call 530-332-6444 for more information.

JUNE 14 Walk with a Doc

Saturday, June 14th 8:00-9:00am. Join Pediatrician Dr. Patrick Tedford as he leads the walk around the topic "Make Exercising Family Fun!" Oak Way Park off Nord Avenue. Bring the entire family! Coming soon on Inside Enloe Internal Connections: Fit4Life 90 Second Health Bits on various subjects!



Archived monthly activity


  • MHN, Member Matters - Managed Health Network, Inc.'s newsletter for helping Employees members balance their health, work and life.
  • Bike To Work Website - log your miles
  • HEALTHbeat - Harvard Medical School newsletter offering a weekly health topic

MHN Employee Assistant program

 MHN provides our employees with access to counselors when they or their family members need to talk to someone 24 hours a day from work or home by calling 1.800.535.4985, you can talk to someone immediately or get a list of preferred providers in the area.

Company Code: enloe

MHN offers a lot more than just counseling services. You and your family members can take MHN’s wellbeing assessment by logging in at This will give you customized help in a variety of ways using MHN’s online Self-Help Programs. Some things you will find: help with emotional health issues, get a custom daily work out, stress management, setting up future goals and plans, weight management, legal or financial help, budgeting, help finding child or elder care, succeeding at work, effective communication, identity theft, help to quit smoking,  etc. all from the privacy of your own home.MHN will provide you with a variety of tools, workbooks, tasks, and instructional videos to get you started.

Enloe Circuit Training

Walking Route Maps

enloe's Weight watchers group

All employees, contract and medical staff are welcome.  Need a buddy? Friends and Family are also more than welcome! Our next session is scheduled to start in August.

Are you interested in joining us? Please email or call Ann Welch ext 27090. Please include your name and employee ID number and the names of any friends or family you will be bringing with you .

Cost & Payment Options

We have two price options available to us depending on how many members we have:

  • 15 paying members the cost for each person would be $156 for 12 weeks (pre-paid) and this also includes 14 weeks of free eTools.
  • 20 paying members the cost for each person would be $186 for 17 weeks(pre-paid) includes 19 weeks of free e Tools.

You can pay in full using cash, check or credit card, or our most popular payment option is to pay using 3 checks divided equally and Weight Watchers will deposit them in one month invervals.

Regular Weekly Meeting Information:
Leader: Kim
Day & Time: Thursdays, 4:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.
Location: Enloe Conference Center, 1528 Esplanade


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To help get the word out and encourage participation, Enloe departments have designated Wellness Champions. If you are interested in being a Wellness Champion, email


Please share your activities and accomplishments with Fit 4 Life by sending us an email with your story and pictures.

Participate in Fit 4 Life

Enloe Fit 4 Life is offered to Enloe employees, physicians, and volunteers. Participation is also open to the immediate family of these individuals. Simply e-mail us your name and e-mail address, and we will send you news, upcoming events and information.

The Enloe Fit 4 Life Team meets approximately every 6 weeks. If you are interested in attending planning meetings email

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Please e-mail any questions about Enloe Fit 4 Life to

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