Stories of Excellence

A Caregiver Recognition Program

Enloe Medical Center's quarterly Stories of Excellence recognition program honors caregivers, including employees, partner employees, volunteers and physicians, whose actions tell a story of human kindness, quality of clinical care or exceptional customer service. Stories of Excellence supports Enloe's mission of improving the quality of your life through patient-centered care.

See which Enloe caregivers were recognized and read their inspirational stories below.  

First Quarter 2017 Recipients

Dr. Emily Hartmann
Her Story of Excellence: On Sunday, we had a Trauma Team Activation at 07:59. The patient was a young woman who had been in a motor vehicle accident and had sustained a large laceration to her face.

The laceration extended from the right side of her mouth to her right ear and was filleted open with jagged edges. 

Plastic surgeon Dr. Emily Hartmann was following up on a patient in the trauma unit and was made aware of the patient in the emergency room. She was kind enough to come see the patient, even though she was not on call, and ultimately took her to the OR to repair her facial laceration. The OR start time was 11:01, and Dr. Hartmann dictated her surgery notes at 14:54.

I found out later that Dr. Hartmann's daughter was performing in church that day, and she missed the performance. We are very fortunate to have such a gifted, compassionate physician!

Story submitted by Ellen Noble, RN, Charge Nurse, NTSICU

Debbie King
Her Story of Excellence: I was working night shift charge nurse on Monday. Tuesday morning I received a call from dispatch that they had sent paramedics to a fire explosion call on East and Highway 32, and they would call me with any updates.

Shortly afterward EMS was bringing in the surviving mother and her 4-year-old daughter for smoke inhalation and general medical help. They had just lost everything in the mobile home fire, including the 4-year-old twin, who was caught in the back of the house.

Mom's hair was singed from the flames from when she tried to rescue her twin daughters. Overwhelmed by heat, fire and smoke, the mother retreated for safety with the surviving twin. They watched their house burn to the ground as EMS and fire tried to save the little girl. I assigned them to a room in pod 4. The strong smell of smoke was noticed throughout the ED. Mom had no shoes and their clothes were ruined.

Debbie King, RN, decided to start a fundraiser so we could get mom and daughter some new, clean clothes to wear home. She came to me and informed me of this, and the word spread. Everyone started running to their wallets and to the ATM to contribute to the cause.

Debbie donated a pair of shoes for mom. Diane Wagster, RN, ran out to her car to get a bag of clothes that she purchased for her own daughters as Christmas gifts. One of the staff members donated their Enloe Christmas $25 Visa gift card that they just received in the mail. Total donations of cash, gift cards and clothes quickly came to around $1,400.

I was so impressed by the enthusiasm and acts of kindness of our staff. It was amazing to see everyone come together to help a family who lost everything they owned and a family member as well. We couldn't replace their losses, but the fundraiser that Debbie started will help out tremendously. I am so proud of the generosity of the Emergency Department staff. They do what they do for a reason: It comes from the heart and they care for others.

ED staff that made these acts of caring and giving include: Eric Bookey, RN; Dr. John Whitman; Juanita Anderson, RN; Juanita Carrasco, RN; Daniel Connell, RN; Pete Davis, RN; Lucas Enos, RN; Kinsey Kelly, RN; Pa Lee, RN; Christina Newby, RN; Tori Harris, ED Tech; Calvin Toohey, ED Tech; Brandon Boers, ED Triage Tech; Matthew Lawrence, Ed Triage Tech; Cynthia Bidwell, Unit Secretary; Diane McCoy, Unit Secretary; Diane Wagster, RN; Cris Richmond, ED Tech; and Heather Carter, Case Manager Social Worker, Case Management 

Story told by Eric Bookey, RN, and submitted by Patty Arena, RN, Emergency Department

Ryan Scarbrough
His Story of Excellence: In late October 2016 there was a vehicle accident in Glenn County that took the lives of a young mother and her 11-month-old daughter.

A short time later, one of our Willows ambulance staff members, Ryan Scarbrough, EMT, of Willows Ambulance, responded on a 911 call, and the patient shared that she was the mother who had lost her daughter and granddaughter in that accident.

She further shared that she was now raising her grandson, who had lost his mother and infant sister in the crash. She was feeling overwhelmed with the loss and new responsibility. Ryan took it upon himself to try to improve the family’s condition.

Realizing the child's grandmother was unable to provide the boy a Christmas, Ryan and his partner, Aaron Macias, Paramedic, Willows Ambulance, met with her and her grandson and received her permission to provide the child with Christmas presents. Ryan shared the story with all of our ambulance staff and started raising donations.

Our staff stepped up and helped with financial donations, donations of clothing and toys, and one employee even bought the boy a new bike and helmet. Everyone got into the spirit of helping the child have the best Christmas possible, but our Willows ambulance staff really deserve the most credit. Ryan deserves recognition as the driving force for organizing and then delivering an amazing Christmas to the little boy.

Submitted by Mark Walker, EMS Supervisor, Butte County EMS

Sara Voigtritter (left) and Judy Boyette
Their Story of Excellence: ICU charge nurse Judy Boyette shared a story with me about a new program that we are trialing that honors our patients who die and helps bring closure to families and caregivers alike. Sara Voigtritter, RN, on our unit, introduced the program at Enloe.

Recently a gentleman went PEA (became unresponsive with no pulse) while his family was in attendance. We worked to resuscitate him for about 20 minutes but were unsuccessful. After Dr. Hawkins talked with the patient’s wife, we stopped resuscitation efforts. Judy provided comfort medicine and stayed with the gentleman, holding his hand, with his family and bedside nurse at his side until he passed. His wife told Judy it was his birthday.

To bring honor, comfort and a sense of normalcy in an awful situation, Judy offered the Honoring Ceremony. She said yes, and Judy asked Sara to lead it.

Sara explained the process to the family, who loved the plan. After the floor RNs, Sara and Judy bathed the patient, dressed him in a clean gown and rid the room of the remnants of the code, we invited in the family. His nurse attended (she was new and this was her first code experience), Sara read the poem and his wife anointed her husband with the lavender oil. The family thanked Sara and Judy profusely, and the bedside nurse was appreciative of the experience as it helped her deal with the distress of experiencing a patient’s death.

Story submitted by Cindy Llewellyn, RN, Nurse Manager, ICU/CCU

Christina Newby (left), Darcy Seipert and Ulises Ayala
Their Story of Excellence: During the evacuation process of the town of Oroville, many members of the community were in need of medical treatment and help. Many had forgotten all of their medications and even oxygen.

Christina Newby, RN, of the Emergency Department, showed up to the medical area of the evacuation center at the fairgrounds in an effort to help. There were limited and very basic supplies. Because of the vast amount of evacuees arriving one right after the other, it was unorganized and hectic, to say the least.

Local EMS received several calls and were on scene multiple times for unnecessary calls. The second time that Darcy Seipert, Paramedic, Ambulance, and her partner, Ulises Ayala, EMT, Ambulance, arrived, it was clear that something needed to change.

Darcy got the OK to stage an ambulance on scene and talked to her supervisors to get the necessary equipment such as more gloves, an accucheck and oxygen.

Christina was able to organize the volunteers, set up an amazing triage area, and create good patient care and flow in the unit. Ulises was excellent at providing patient care and supporting his team. All three were amazing and showed that they truly cared about the community.

Submitted by an employee who wishes to remain anonymous

Past Winners

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    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

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    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

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    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

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    Drs. Voelker and Lobosky honored with 2014 Physician Legacy Award

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