Construction Progress

January/February 2015

This newsletter is part of Enloe Medical Center’s commitment to keep you informed about significant construction activity for our expansion project. Updates for the next two months include:

City’s road improvement project continues, will impact road access – The City of Chico’s ongoing road improvement project near the hospital continues with the installation of curbs and gutters on W. 5th Avenue between the original Magnolia and Arcadian Avenues. This will include a bulb out on the east side of Magnolia. The work is expected to take eight days. Parking there will be blocked for the next two weeks, with traffic blocked at times but not for the entire period of work. Sidewalks will be blocked as necessary, mostly on the south side. Curbs and gutters were installed on W. 6th Ave. in February. The storm sewer project portion of the project is already complete from 5th to 8th Avenues. The next and final phase of the road improvement project involves a full rebuilding of W. 5th and W. 6th Avenues between the original Magnolia and Arcadian Avenues and is pending enough dry weather to enable D.H. Slater & Son Inc. and its subcontractors accomplish the work. This will involve demolition of the road, followed by a rebuilding, and could begin as late as April or May, depending on weather. Asphalt plants need warmer, dryer weather to make their product; and dry weather is needed for the project itself. Each street is expected to take one week complete. Once asphalt is placed during the rebuilding process, a coat of sealant will also be applied on 5th and 6th Avenue from Esplanade to Magnolia. Work will occur from 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on weekdays (excluding holidays). During all phases of this project, the contractor, D.H. Slater & Son, encourages residents to build extra time into their schedule and plan alternate routes to avoid the construction zone. Questions or concerns can be directed to Brandon Slater at his office, (530) 893-3333, or cell phone, (530) 519-7084; or to Justin Eckenrod at (530) 519-7084. The City of Chico personnel can also be contacted at (530) 879-6900 for additional information or to express concerns. Brandon Slater sends apologies for any inconveniences this project may cause.

Emergency Department expansion project continues – The second phase of the Emergency Department project continues on schedule. Crews are working on the finishes, and much of the space has been painted and spackled. Cabinetry is scheduled to be installed by the end of March, and work continues on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The goal is to occupy the new Emergency Department space by August or September. Then, park construction is scheduled begin two or three months later.

New fountain, landscaping nearing completion – We expect to complete construction of the new fountain in front of the Emergency Department, as well as landscaping in that area, by the end of April. Landscaping will include grass, ground cover and small plants, adding to the trees and bushes that are already in place. The fountain will be a closed system that recirculates water and is operated off of a weather-sensing system.


While we do our best to project dates, they are subject to change due to factors including weather and permits. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact Bill Seguine, Director of Property Development and Facilities Management, at (530) 864-1322 or To learn more about the Enloe Century Project, and to read archived issues of this newsletter, visit

Enloe Century Project: Construction progress slide shows