Safety FRom Infection

Patients come first at Enloe Medical Center. Providing quality, safe and compassionate care is
what drives the entire health care team.

At Enloe, we believe one infection is one too many.

While we have a good record overall on hospital-acquired infection, we continue to be vigilant in fighting infection. We constantly review and tighten our infection control policies and practices. And, like all hospitals, we are subject to regular and unannounced reviews by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and the California State Department of Health Services. At Enloe we will continue to strive for zero hospital-acquired infections at our hospital.

Enloe Medical Center has been recognized for high-quality patient care for controlling hospital-acquired infections.

Nationally, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement cites surgical infection rates nationwide of 2.6 percent of nearly 30 million operations annually. Enloe’s rate of 0.35 percent in 2011 compares favorably to this national data.

Enloe's infection Prevention programs

Enloe has implemented rigorous infection control policies and procedures. These practices are guided by an infectious disease expert and supported by a team of specially trained nurses.

  • Adoption of the best practices of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI's) "5 Million Lives Campaign” in several areas of hospital procedures.
  • Education of medical and nursing staffs regarding identification and treatment of specific types of infection.
  • Implementation of ICNet for surveillance and data mining
  • Conduct routine daily practices when working with patients and instruments
  • Provide conveniently located alcohol-based waterless hand-washing gel throughout our facilities
  • Promote healing through the management of diabetic and pre-diabetic blood sugar levels
  • Regularly vaccinate employees and doctors against influenza

Infection-related Quality initiatives enhance patient safety

  • Since Fall 2009, we have almost eliminated ventilator-associated pneumonia in our Intensive Care Units.
  • More patients with serious bloodstream infections (sepsis) survive because of changes put in place at Enloe's 2009 Quality Summit. Learn more about Enloe's Quality Summit.
  • Continued attention to preventing infection has resulted in decreased rates for infections related to bladder catheters and for IV-associated bloodstream infections. Enloe’s ranking is better than national benchmarks.

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