Quality Initiatives

Enloe Medical Center is committed to creating a culture of quality and safety. Enloe participates in a number of quality assurance initiatives and publicly released surveys. Through Enloe's focus on continual quality improvements, we create excellence every day.

Enloe's Quality Summit

Enloe Medical Center's 6th annual Quality Summit was held in April 2014. This event brings together employees and physicians from the Enloe Medical Staff to review current quality initiatives, celebrate achievements and identify new initiatives. Each year, we look for the best ideas that are evidence-based and can make a difference to patient care.

Quality Summit Annual Report

The Quality Summit Annual Report provides an update on the quality initiatives identified in the year prior, summarizes quality efforts undertaken at the medical center, highlights recognition received for exceptional quality care, identifies the "Quality Summit Award" recipient and announces the newest quality initiatives.
See Enloe's 2014 Quality Summit Annual Report (Adobe PDF).

Enloe's 2014-2015 Quality Initiatives

Enloe will address these newly chosen quality initiatives while continuing to follow those set in past years.

  • Create a Healthier Hospital. Enloe joins over 1,000 other U.S. hospitals to create a healthier hospital through engaging leadership, reducing waste, improving efficiency and promoting healthier nutrition.
  • Patient-Driven Visitation. Upon recommendation of Enloe's Patient-Family Advisory Council, Enloe will create a patient-centered post-operative environment that respects patients' wishes and integrates with Enloe's Post Anesthesia Recovery Area.
  • Optimize Pre-operative Testing. A recommendation from the national "Choosing Wisely" campaign, this initiative will ensure that pre-operative testing is appropriate for the specific needs of each patient.
  • Reduce Pneumonia Readmissions. With a focus on promoting health throughout the continuum of care, this team will bring Enloe and community caregivers together to help patients with respiratory conditions remain healthy after discharge from the hospital.
For more about quality at Enloe, please visit our Accomplishments page and visit the Hospital Compare website.

"Better is possible. It does not take genius. It takes diligence. It takes moral clarity. It takes ingenuity. And above all, it takes a willingness to try.”
— Atul Gawande, MD