Planetree Initiative: Human Interaction

Human Interaction is one of our patient-centered initiatives addressing the components of Planetree at Enloe Medical Center.

The Planetree approach starts at the organization’s core and builds momentum outward.

Patient-centered care retreats for staff

To help create a culture of patient-centered care at Enloe Medical Center, we have hosted staff training retreats. The initial retreat, “Renewing the Spirit of Enloe," was an eight-hour training that provided all Enloe employees with an understanding of and Planetre and its techniques. Retreats introduced caregivers to the tools for nurturing and healing, building on their strong caring qualities. Our discussions focused on the patient’s perspective and the vital role staff play in personalizing care.  This retreat was followed by two different four-hour retreats, “Passport to Patient-Centered Care” and “All Hands on Deck,” hich reinforced Planetree's concepts. Each of these retreats have been incorporated into the immersive "New Hire Orientation Planetree Day" to help new employees understand these concepts and support patient-centered care.

a nursing model designed to improve interaction, communication and care

RN-directed patient-centered care is practiced on various nursing units with the goal of enhancing delivery of care and increasing patient satisfaction. In this model, the patient and their loved one (or "Care Partner") are at the center of a comprehensive, holistic and collaborative approach, supporting optimal care; and physicians, hospital staff and volunteers surround the patient and Care Partner. This approach is supported by the Core Values, Strategic Initiatives, and the Mission and Vision of Enloe Medical Center, where all staff are considered caregivers. This multi-disciplinary team approach provides the best healing environment for the patient.

Stories of Excellence recognition program honors caregivers

"Caregivers" at Enloe are all of our employees, partner employees, volunteers and physicians. We regularly honor caregivers whose actions tell a story of human kindness, quality of clinical care or exceptional customer service.
See our of the Stories of Excellence

Patient Ambassadors bring comfort

Enloe Volunteer Services developed a Patient Ambassadors Program designed to reduce the physical, psychological, social and spiritual anxiety of patients and their families. Compassionate volunteers, who receive in-depth training and orientation, visit hospital patients and offer help in a variety of ways. Tasks may include engaging in conversation, visiting, reading, playing cards, offering caring touch and providing access to healing arts. Patient Ambassadors may also support the nursing unit by assisting with administrative tasks.

Patient and Family Advisory Council broadens our perspective

Enloe has formed a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) to receive the perspective of patients and their family members about the care provided at Enloe. Their suggestions have led to an easier-to-understand patient menu with more options, especially between meals, improved guidelines for visitation, and improved communication with families waiting for a patient in surgery.