Planetree Initiative: Healing Environment

The physical environment is vital to the healing process of patients. The Healing Environment is one of our patient-centered initiatives addressing the components of Planetree at Enloe Medical Center.

A calm, quiet place is ideal for the healing process — and a priority at Enloe Medical Center.
  • To help manage noise, we eliminated routine overhead paging in February 2008. The alternative forms of communication we implemented in its place support the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal to improve communication between caregivers. 
  • We encourage quiet time by dimming the lights for a period of time each day on our inpatient units.
  • Our aim is to create a quieter environment where patients can get more health-restoring sleep while in the hospital. In 2012, we implemented a Quality Initiative to protect patients' sleep, and we continue this work today, through our Quiet Hospital Workgroup.
  • Enloe's new Magnolia Patient Tower was engineered with quiet in mind. Several features, such as ceiling and floor materials, were designed to soften noise.

Furry partners in healing

Staff and patients at Enloe Medical Center's acute care hospital, Rehabilitation Center and Regional Cancer Center can experience the comfort of a dog's understanding presence. Specially trained dogs that are a part of our Animal Assisted Therapy Program and Pets Assisting With Service (P.A.W.S.) Volunteer Program offer patients therapeutic support and emotional comfort. This program has been so successful that plans are underway to include visits to Enloe Behavioral Health.

Comforting Environments

The Healing Garden at the Enloe Regional Cancer Center provides a place of serenity and reminds patients of the beauty in life. The center was presented with the national Spirit of Planetree Arts & Entertainment Award in 2008 for its healing arts programs.

Enloe has also incorporated Planetree concepts to create a healing environment through interior design. These include:

  • Artwork in our Magnolia Patient Tower features California nature scenes or photographs of healthy babies and flowers on the Mother & Baby Care Center. Original pieces by local artists are also included.
  • Furniture to accommodate overnight visitors
  • Welcoming family lounges
  • A Meditation room offering visitors a place to reflect and experience a sense of peace.
  • Art panels along the Enloe Parking Structure are examples of Healing Environments in action. This collection by local artists, with the theme of healing power of nature, has been on display since April 2009. Stop by and see them in person or view the artwork and their artists in the slide show below.
  • For more about art at Enloe, learn about the Arts and Entertainment Planetree initiative.