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Stethoscope is a health information supplement published by Enloe Medical Center. It is published quarterly. The publication launched as an employee newsletter called Steth-A-Scoop, in June 1966 by Enloe Administrator Austin Tozier.

Fall 2009
Use your head: A bike helmet can save your life

  • Download Stethoscope, Fall 2009 (Adobe PDF)
  • Articles in this issue:
  • CEO Letter: Helping Us Plan for the Future
  • Enloe Regional Cancer Center launches Lymphedema Program
  • Your Vascular Health: Preserving life and limb
    • Tips for successful surgery
  • Use your head: A helmet can save your life
    • Children's safety helmets offered at Enloe
  • New Trauma Services Program: Strengthened program, reliable emergency care
  • Schedule of Events - events, acupuncture clinic, classes, support group
    • What you can do about the flu
  • Get the Facts: Alcohol and Trauma
  • Welcome New Physicians
  • A family farm's generosity helps nuture Enloe's growth
  • Driving success with the Enloe Foundation Golf Tournament
    • Enloe Foundation Golf Tournament Sponsors
  • Project S.A.V.E. needs your help
  • Telecare Volunteers: Callers that care
  • Planetree Updates: Quiet hospital initiative at Enloe Medical Center

Summer 2009
Achieving success with courage, caring and teamwork

Download Stethoscope, Summer 2009 (Adobe PDF)

Articles in this issue:

  • CEO Letter: Working together to make Enloe the best it can be
  • Nature and Healing by Dr. Aldebra Schroll
  • Come browse the Enloe Health Learning Center (visit us online, too)
  • Achieving success with courage, caring and teamwork
    • Act FAST to save a stroke victim
    • Rehab doctors make the difference
    • Where technology, skill and caring come together
  • Public art panels illustrate the healing power of nature
  • Enloe invites you to join the bounty of local farms
  • Barnes & Noble Book Fair: Feed your reading habit and help the Enloe Health Learning Center
  • Thank you for making a difference, Guardian Circle members
  • Save the Date: Enloe Foundation Golf Tournament
  • Interested in leaving a legacy? We can help find the right plan for you
  • For Mike and Sue Marks: Support of Enloe is part of the circle of life
  • Enloe scholarships support Enloe employees' education
  • Become a Rehabilitation Center volunteer
  • Welcome incoming Enloe Medical Center Volunteers Board of Directors

Spring 2009
Reduce concerns about life's most joyous event

Download Stethoscope, Spring 2009 (Adobe PDF)

Articles in this issue:

  • Letter: Leadership changes at Enloe Medical Center
  • Enloe earns two awards of excellence
  • Nickels for NICU: Fundraising bridges gap for breastfeeding moms
  • Planetree Update: Enloe Health Learning Center
  • Reduce concerns about life's most joyous event
  • A mother's experience caring for preemies
  • Expansion to enhance Mother & Baby Care Center
  • Helping babies sleep safely
  • Enloe's This Side Up onesies help spread the word
  • Enloe partners with March of Dimes
  • Schedule of Events: Events, Classes, Support Groups
  • Welcome New Physicians
  • Letter: Midwives welcome at Enloe Medical Center
  • Chico Emergency Physicians Medical Group: Supporting the Enloe mission
  • Enloe Gala supports a patient-centered hospital experience
  • The Chalmers family: Dedicated to a lifetime of giving
  • Infants receive a shower of goodwill

Winter 2009:
Staying Healthy Through Winter

Download Stethoscope, Winter 2009 (Adobe PDF)

Articles in this issue:

  • Celebrations: Good for the Spirit
  • Enhancing the Healing Environment: Cancer Center receives Arts & Entertainment Award
  • Partnering with CSU, Chico and Chico Performances:
    Enloe chimes in to the Healing Art
  • Staying healthy through winter
    • Acupuncture therapy: 'Stick it' to winter cold
  • Volunteers ring sales, bring smiles
    • Welcoming new volunteers
  • Make food choices that don't bite back
  • Former heart patients make a personal connection
  • Our Home Our Future Campaign: Employees and Volunteers support our hometown hospital
  • Thanks for your support of Recreation and Dreams
  • Quiz: Urgent care or ER?

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