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Enloe FlightCare receives CAMTS accreditation for skilled service
and two awards for use of night vision goggles

CHICO, Calif., Nov. 7, 2011 – The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) announced Oct. 15 that it has for the second time awarded the Enloe FlightCare medical transport rotor-wing service a full three-year accreditation. The accreditation recognizes that FlightCare provides highly skilled flight nurse/paramedic teams to care for adult and pediatric patients. Enloe received its first CAMTS accreditation in 2008.

CAMTS is an organization that is dedicated to improving the quality and safety of medical transport services. It offers a program of voluntary evaluation of compliance with accreditation standards demonstrating the ability to deliver service of a specific quality, with the highest priorities being patient care and safety of the transport environment. To obtain accreditation, a medical transport service must be in substantial compliance with the organization’s accreditation standards. Enloe operates and maintains the Eurocopter AStar 350B2 helicopter. As of Oct. 15, there were six CAMTS-accredited services in California and 147 nationwide, according to the CAMTS website. At the time of Enloe’s first accreditation, there were 146 nationwide, with seven in California.

In related news, Enloe was also honored with two awards for its use of night vision goggles. Aviation Specialties Unlimited and Vertical Magazine chose Enloe FlightCare to receive a 10-Year Service Award as well as a Community Awareness Award, given to a company that has demonstrated proven leadership and pioneering in the use of night vision goggles to enhance safety. Enloe Senior Flight Nurse Neal Cline accepted the awards on behalf of FlightCare on Oct. 18 at a conference in St. Louis.

In 2001, Enloe FlightCare was the third EMS program in the United States to be equipped with night vision goggles and the first authorized to use aided vision to the ground. In 2004, Enloe FlightCare presented on night vision goggles at a national conference. At that time, only twelve programs in the country operated with the goggles. By the end of the conference, more than a dozen EMS programs committed to the safety benefits of the technology.

About Enloe FlightCare: Enloe Medical Center's FlightCare helicopter took to the air in August 1985 as the first ambulance helicopter north of Sacramento. The FlightCare Program grew out of the need to rapidly transport patients from the growing mountain communities of Chester, Quincy and Greenville to Enloe. FlightCare has transported more than 14,000 patients. It responds to emergencies within a 75-mile radius of Enloe, in counties including Butte, Tehama, Glenn, Plumas, Colusa, Sierra, Yuba and parts of Lassen.


Enloe Medical Center is a local, nonprofit health care organization. For more information, please call 530/332-7300 or visit us online at   Enloe Medical Center is located at 1531 Esplanade Chico, Calif.  95926.


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