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Enloe awards caregivers for excellence in patient-centered care

Editor: Photos of recipients are available.

CHICO, Calif., May 20, 2011 – Enloe Medical Center celebrated three recipients of the medical center’s fourth-annual Spirit of Planetree Awards. The awards recognize the programs and services that support extraordinary achievement in patient-centered care as well as the individuals who support the Planetree philosophy of personalizing, humanizing and demystifying the health care experience for patients and their families.

Employees, physicians and volunteers made the nominations, and Enloe’s Spirit of Planetree Award Team selected the final recipients. All three recipients have been entered for consideration for a national award from Planetree. Recipients of the awards, presented during Enloe’s Caregivers Week, are:

Caregiver Award: Christopher Aicega, Paramedic When responding to emergency medical situations via Enloe Ambulance, Chris has an ability to maintain emotional stability in some of the most hectic of environments, while also easing his patients’ fears. With caring and compassion, Chris connects with community members from a range of backgrounds and establishes a level of trust. In one example, Chris responded to a call at a homeless shelter regarding a man who was believed to have overdosed on alcohol. Chris treated the individual with respect and personal compassion, offering to call his sponsor. The man was originally upset that 911 had been called, but due to Chris’ ability to treat him as a valued individual, he accepted our help. Through Chris’ unique mix of talents, abilities and passion for helping others, Chris is able to provide a greater overall patient experience for our community.

Physician Champion Award: Marcia Moore, MD Cardiologist Dr. Moore gives her time and energy in support of Enloe Medical Center and Chico. Dr. Moore has been instrumental in promoting heart health in the community. She brought automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to various locations, initiated and supported public cardiac health screenings and wellness for our physicians and has led public talks in Enloe’s Health & Wellness Evening Lecture Series. Dr. Moore works diligently and passionately with Enloe’s nursing and quality departments each month to assist the hospital in meeting core measures for acute myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure. Her direction has led to continued improvement in these publicly reported measures. Dr. Moore is dedicated, compassionate, committed and caring. She is patient-centered at every step of the health care process.

Program Award: FlightCare
Since 1985, FlightCare has been a vital part of Enloe Medical Center’s comprehensive emergency operations. FlightCare is the only hospital-owned and -operated medical helicopter program in California. It responds to emergencies within a 75-mile radius of Enloe and has transported more than 13,000 patients. In a flight environment, surrounded by the equipment required to monitor and treat the most critically ill patient, the crew uses the basics of a comforting touch and a few words to convey empathy and compassion. The Flight Care crew continually works to improve the program through involvement in safety and quality measures, continuing education, and community outreach and education. The Flight Care team is made up of flight nurses, flight paramedics, pilots, a mechanic and a physician medical director. They are true heroes throughout the north state.


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