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    Enloe Prompt Care Locations Providing Prescription Refills to Evacuees

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    2017 Brings New Medical Staff Leadership to Enloe’s Board of Trustees and Foundation Board

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    Community Feedback Helps Shape Enloe’s Action Plan for Healthy Change

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    Investing in the Future: Enloe Offers Scholarships to Locals

what our patients are saying

  • "Staff that cared for me from doctors, nurses, technicians did an outstanding job. I couldn't have asked for better care. "

  • "Everyone treated me well and with respect. I would recommend Enloe to anyone. It is a great hospital for me. "

  • "My stay at Enloe was absolutely fabulous. All of my needs were well met in a timely manner with love and respect. The doctors were fantastic! The quality of care is outstanding. I cannot say enough good things about Enloe Medical Center. "

  • "My experience has been very good. All the nurses were very professional, very forthright and informative, and friendly and always positive. It was a great experience."

  • "From the ambulance attendants, to the paramedics, to the Emergency Room, to the Intensive Care nurses and doctors… they were excellent. I was treated very well, and I'm very grateful. Thank you all very much. "

  • "Reception was very nice and helpful. Wait was a bit long but no more than any other doctor visit. Doctor was great, explained things. They were able to do my X-ray right there and had films ready quickly... I received great care."

  • "From the ER to the floor, from nursing to admin, housekeeping to kitchen, we had nothing but kindness and caring! While waiting in a small dark lobby in a space outside the cath lab, employees walking by would stop [and ask,] 'Do you need anything? Would you like a blanket? Would you like some water?' Amazing customer service! A big shout out to the staff in DCU!"

  • "Thanks to the male nurse who gave me a warmed blanket yesterday when I was feeling chilled from the complications of a cold/flu. It meant so much when I felt so bad. "

  • "First time here. I'm waiting for [my] doctor to discuss X-rays now, and since I've gotten here all the staff has been very nice. Even for having to work on a Sunday night, they all have a courteous disposition... Excellent service and people."

  • "I'd say that's probably the best care I've ever had in a hospital in my life. If a person has to go to the hospital, I 100% recommend Enloe Medical Center. "

  • "The nurses in the ICU were fantastic. They took very, very good care of me."

  • "The staff was superb, really great. They explained everything in detail, in layman terms and I rate it super great. Thank you."

  • "My nurse was absolutely great. She had a fantastic sense of humor and was always there when I needed her. She went a way out of her way to give me a helping hand. We shared some nice stories and some laughter. She made my hospital stay much more pleasant. "

  • "I found my stay in Enloe great. Many of the ancillary services were very helpful. The housekeeping staff was delightful and friendly. The dietary aides were exceedingly friendly. The nurses and nurse aides were delightful. "

  • "I felt that the staff and all of the different physicians worked together very well. The collaboration was very professional. They went beyond in assisting and supporting my husband during visits and providing the support and assistance with needed paperwork. Extra things that I needed, they were always willing to help and remained very positive. "

  • "Everyone there was so nice and helpful, and took very good care of me. I was very pleased with all of them."

  • "We appreciated all the wonderful help given to us by a nurse named Melissa B. Sadly, my son had two BMX accidents only a few months apart, and she was his nurse for both… She was very good with him, easing his fears... Melissa was also very compassionate, funny and just a great caring person."

  • "All my staff when I first got into the room worked with me with my pain control. I think they went above and beyond advocating for me as the patient who could not do it for myself. I appreciate every one of those people, so thank you."

  • "I love my 'infusion angels,' aka infusion R.N.s. Cathie and Jennifer took wonderful care of me, and all of the other angels kept me entertained during my long infusion. "

  • "I was always cared for and I felt safe. They were very welcoming to my family. I'm just really grateful that we have a hospital like this in our community. "

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